WarQuest 7.3 (Game update!)

Today there is a new update of WarQuest online!
This is the next release of WarQuest. This release contain the following changes and bug fixes:

Game Server
– Fixed bug that prevent registering of new players
– Fixed bug that prevent players of level zero to spend skill points on attack or defence
– Make all language code files UTF-8 complaint
– Update all copyright years to right year (2020)
– Removed some weird black bars in the announcement images
– Removed obsolete store links on the login page
– Add new Google Play Store download link
– Fixed some small layout issues
– Add theme Modern (Tablet / Desktop)
– Fixed the announcements when using an ad blocker
– Fixed gravatar http image loading bug on Android
– Update all http links to https and fixed all old domain names
– Added simple JSON REST API that the renewed WarQuest Android App uses
– Add bplaat (b.b.b.) to the developers (because he made this update)


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WarQuest 6.8

WarQuest v6.8 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

03-04-2014 WarQuest v6.8
Game Server

  • Improve Home page layout for new and existing players.
  • Improve buildings page and casino menu layout.
  • Added Clan->Clan Profile->Clan Settings page.
  • Now Clan name, logo, minimum level can be changed.
  • Bugfix: New skillpoint(s) notification is not working correct!


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Change login profile

If you want to change your login profile on a WarQuest Android App, please use the following instruction.

1. Start WarQuest App on your device.
2. Press the “three/bar point” icon on the lower part of the screen.
3. Now three new buttons appear on the lower part of the screen Exit, Settings, About
4. Click on the Settings button.
5. Change username
6. Change password
7. Leave setting page
8. Press again the “three point/bar” icon on the lower part of the screen.
9. Click now on the Exit button.
10. Now start WarQuest App again

WarQuest SOAP java client

Hi WarQuest player,

If you want to automate attacks, missions and/or alliance requests use the follow Java
example to interface with the WarQuest SOAP web service.

12-03-2014: Update java example. Now based on JavaCXF framework. Must cleaner java code!

package nl.warquest.client;

import nl.warquest.service.warquest.Alliance;
import nl.warquest.service.warquest.Battle;
import nl.warquest.service.warquest.Force;
import nl.warquest.service.warquest.Mission;
import nl.warquest.service.warquest.Planet;
import nl.warquest.service.warquest_wsdl.WarQuest;
import nl.warquest.service.warquest_wsdl.WarQuestPort;

public class Main {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		WarQuest warquest = new WarQuest();
		WarQuestPort port = warquest.getWarQuestPort();
		String username = "username";
		String password = "password";
		Mission mission = port.doMission(username, password, true, false);
		Battle battle = port.doBattle(username, password, Planet.EARTH, Force.AIRFORCE);
		Alliance alliance = port.doAlliance(username, password);

Needed MAVEM pom.xml

<project xmlns="http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0" 
  <description>WarQuest client</description>

WarQuest 6.6

WarQuest v6.6 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

11-03-2014 WarQuest v6.6
Game Server

  • Added BBC news headlines to home breaking news section
  • Added 45 mission awards.
  • Added player search to Player->Alliance->Invite page.
  • Added Forums->Clan message system.
  • Added Admin->Views page (Admin Mode only).
  • Added robot account update (Admin Mode only).
  • Improve Admin->Levels page (Admin Mode only).
  • Added doAlliance method to WarQuest WebService interface.
  • Improve doMission method of WarQuest WebService interface.
  • Disable account reset functionality.
  • Disable automatic clan (member) inactive remove.
  • Added trade, restore features to unlock schema.
  • Enable as default scheme “transparent” for new players.


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WarQuest 6.5

WarQuest v6.5 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

27-02-2014 WarQuest v6.5
Game Server v6.5

  • Clan Wars improvements:
    • Added clan missions. See Missions->Clan.
    • Added clan statistics to Alliance->Clan->Clan Profile
    • Added hyperlink from Home->Profile->Clan to Clan Profile.
    • Added Players->Leaderboard->Best-Clans.
    • Max. allowed daily deposit to clan bank is 10x hourly income.
  • GUI improvements:
    • Refactor HTML to support new CCS3 themes.
    • Added “transparent” theme (Home->Settings->Theme)
    • Added more color to all themes.
    • Removed not used themes.
    • Redesign main menu and login page.
    • Improve bank transaction log.
    • Update Help->Instructions text.
    • Added Home->Profile->Total hourly income page.
    • Added Home->Profile->Citizens cost page.
    • Added hyperlinks from Home->Profile->Assest to Bank pages
  • Other improvements:
    • Added two extra mars discount buildings.
    • Leaderboard position is now only based on expercience.
    • Limit maximum amount of promotion email invites.
    • Improve email address validation.


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WarQuest Windows App 1.6

Plaatsoft has released version 1.6 of the WarQuest for Windows. This release contain the following changes:

23-02-2014 Version 1.6
– Added text copy & past support.
– Added CCS3 support.
– Added HTML5 sound support.
– Use QT library 5.2.1 for Windows as engine.
– The app was build with QtCreator v3.0.1
– Released app on www.plaatsoft.nl


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WarQuest 6.4

WarQuest v6.4 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

17-02-2014 WarQuest v6.4
Game Server

  • Update premium gold features:
    • Added premium membership feature to Home->Trade page
    • Premium membership has the following benefits:
      • Double experience during battles and missions.
      • Triple money during battles and missions.
  • Clan Wars improvements:
    • Added clan bank transaction log.
    • Added clan bank depostit fee.
    • Added clan bank daily service charge.
  • Added basic SOAP web service interface
    • URL is http://www.warquest.nl/service?wsdl
    • Added getPlayer methode
    • Added getClan methode
    • Added getPlanet methode
    • Added doBattle methode
    • Added doMission methode
  • Enable HTTPS in Apache (based on selfsigned certificate).
  • Refactor HTML output handeling.
  • Bank accounts >100 trillion dollar do NOT receive interest anymore.
  • Added extra support text to donate page.
  • Bug fix: Mission planet image was sometimes incorrect rendered.


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WarQuest 6.3

WarQuest v6.3 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

07-01-2014 WarQuest v6.3
Game Server

  • Clan Wars improvements:
    • Added clan bank.
    • Added clan attack and defense skills.
    • Sector rebellion starts when a sector is inactive for 3 days.
    • Increase conquered sector hourly income with factor 10.
    • Commander must now accept clan member join request.
  • Update premium gold features:
    • Added 5 new gold income building types.
    • Added 5 new gold energy building types.
    • Added 5 new gold discount building types.
    • Added 5 new gold maintenance building types.
    • Added yellow border to gold unit and building images.
  • Added Alliance-Promotion page:
    • Like WarQuest on Facebook and receive free gold.
    • Invite friends by email and receive free gold.
  • Improve release notes information navigation.
  • Improve background option selector (Home-Settings).
  • Added option to change easy login page background style.
  • Disable christmas / new year announcement.
  • Decrease experience value of level 280 till 299.
  • Updated copyright footer.
  • Bug fix: Corrected one Neptune mission level!
  • Bug fix: Neptune army strength calculation is now correct!


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WarQuest 6.2

WarQuest v6.2 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

23-12-2013 WarQuest v6.2
Game Server

  • Added planet Neptune:
    • with new 40 unit types.
    • with new 36 building types.
    • with new 72 missions.
    • features are available from level 250 till 299.
    • adapted game engine to support new planet.
  • Rename asteroid to mercure planet.
  • Update most citizens images.
  • Rebalance earth, moon, mars and mercure units / buildings.
  • Increase maximum unit amount to 5500.
  • Increase maximum building amount to 645.
  • Added admin overview clan war map page.
  • Enable christmas / new year announcement.


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WarQuest 6.1

WarQuest v6.1 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

09-12-2013 WarQuest v6.1
Game Server 6.1

  • Clan Wars improvements:
    • Added hourly income to each conquered sectors.
    • An inactive clan member is removed from a clan after 30 days.
    • An inactive clan is removed after 60 days.
  • Added dynamic screen size css to support Firefox OS.
  • Added FireFoxOS marketplace button on login page.
  • Added gift shop to Help-Donate page.
  • Improve Release-Notes page layout.
  • Improve Stats page layout.
  • Added sound effects to mission and help pages.
  • Remove Ads functionality (not used for long time).
  • Added database layer unit tests to improve stability.
  • Rename planet numbers to improve source code quality.
  • Bug fix: Planet switch on clan list page is now working correct.
  • Bug fix: Fixed vote exploit!


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