Released Addressbook 6.x-4.1

The next version of the Drupal Addressbook is released with the following changes:
– Rebuild csv upload functionality from scratch.
– Rebuild member list and search functionality.
– Rebuild map page functionality.
– Added breadcrumb menus to all pages.
– Improve modules URLs.
– Improve addressbook drupal permission rights.
– Improve member and family delete. Delete all related data.
– Rebuild birthday block overview.

Released Addressbook 6.x-4.0

The next version of the Drupal Addressbook is released with the following changes:
– Rebuild complete module from scratch. Goal improve look and feel.
– Added Main menu page including last edit time stamp.
– Split module functionality over more files.
– Added Java Script and CPS file
– Replace all html buttons with links. Much better look.
– Rebuild family and search functionality pages from scratch.
– Rebuild picture functionality.
– De-scope group email functionality.

Released Addressbook 6.x-3.4

The next version of the Drupal Addressbook is released with the following changes:
– Took addressbook v5.x-3.4 as baseline for this build
– Use file_directory_path() function instead of hardcoded /files definition.
– Improve information.
– This is the first Addressbook release for Drupal 6.
– Updated addressbook cvs repository for automatic update detection.

Note: Sending birthday and group emails is not working yet. This will be solved in next release!

Older Addressbook releases

Hereby the drupal addressbook module release notes of previous releases

16-09-2006 v4.x-0.1
– Start programming

20-09-2006 v4.x-0.2
– Added addressbook view page

21-09-2006 v4.x-0.3
– Added edit / delete family member
– Added drupal access roles

22-09-2006 v4.x-0.4
– Added settings page.
– Improved birthday field
– Adding mobile number field
– Adding address (person) roles

23-09-2006 v4.x-0.5
– Adding Dutch translation
– Owner of address can be changed by administrator
– Adding picture to address

24-09-2006 v4.x-0.6
– Split view and edit page
– Adding country field
– Improve control button bar
– Add role filter in addressbook list page
– Added watchdog messages
– First Release

25-09-2006 v4.x-0.7
– Picture upload dimensions check added
– Move pictures to /files/addressbook/ directory
– First name, Last name, Address and Street start always with upper character.
– Improve email field validation

26-09-2006 v4.x-0.8
– Layout improved. Picture location improved!

27-09-2006 v4.x-1.0
– Add family and member page (Redesign from 1 to 3 level hierarchy)

29-09-2006 v4.x-1.1
– Input validation and navigation improved.

30-09-2006 v4.x-1.2
– Add picture upload information.
– Default email address is filled in when creating a new family member.
– URL parameters are now checked before use in queries (security fix).

01-10-2006 v4.x-2.0
– Improve navigation (Info pages are only showed when errors occur)
– Birthday is only showed when valid value is available.
– Improve error catching by SQL queries (security fix).

03-10-2006 v4.x-2.1
– Add CSV upload.
– Add CSV download.
– Remove minor bug in deleting member picture.
– Added build to the Drupal csv repository!

04-10-2006 v4.x-2.2
– Add birthday notification by email (cron hook)

05-10-2006 v4.x-2.3
– Improve delete flow (Added “Are you Sure” dialog)
– Add wanted roles input
– Improve Filter (Selected filter value is store in session scope for later us)
– Bug fix: Now picture is always showed with the correct dimensions
– Add thumbnails pictures to family list and family member list.

07-10-2006 v4.x-2.4
– Birthday email notification text is now configurable in setting page.
– Family list is now only showing one thumbnail per family.
– Add search field in Family List page.
– Add more information to the Family member view page.

09-10-2006 v4.x-2.5
– Add extra text by role input. So the functionality is clearer to the user!
– Add extra text for manitory input fields
– Manitory of email field can no be control in the setting page
– Bug fix: Family owner was something not set correctly. Bug solved!
– In family member list your can now search on members with Active or Interested in a role.

10-10-2006 v4.x-2.6
– Add graphical map function.

16-10-2006 v4.x-2.7
– Initial uploaded (CSV) Family and Family members do not have owner anymore!
– The first person who update a uploaded Family or Family member will be the owner.
– Bugfix: Now pictures are also showed when No clean URL’s setting is used.
– Bugfix: Now active sort filter will stay active until user change it!
– Add today birthday block page. can be used to show everybody who is celebrating this birthday today.
– Add in to all addressbook page <div class=”addressbook”> and </div> tag

28-10-2006 v4.x-2.8
– Uploaded images are now automatic resize and thumbnails are created.
– Final version for Drupal 4

31-01-2007 v5.x-3.0
– Make module compliant with Drupal 5.1

12-06-2007 v5.x-3.1
– Bugfix: Small pictures were not correct convert to thumbnail picture.

30-03-2008 v5.x-3.2
– Add visible Member ID for administrator users.
– Improve birthday email notification