TowerDefense 55.000 downloads

Since the launch of Wii TowerDefense, it is downloaded over 55.000 times.

Official Count

Homebrew Browser 50.134 times (place 56)
My website 3.044 times
Google Code website 2.272 times
Total 55.450 times

5 thoughts on “TowerDefense 55.000 downloads”

  1. I have some thoughts on improving TowerDefense:

    First: For the daily and global high score, please list which map was used for the person’s high score. I suspect that map #3 (the long spiral) is the current best scoring map.

    Second: The far left of the screen is unusable! This means that the part of the map over there cannot hold any weapons. The maps really do not take this into account.

    Third: Initial startup is a pain — several monsters will get out before you can get your first weapon down, and then it takes time for the weapons to charge their first shot. Some way to delay the initial launch just a few seconds would be nice. Or, start with one initial weapon on the board. Or something.

    Fourth: For the majority of the game, it seems that 5 or 6 missile launchers near the start of the map are able to take out almost everything — especially if they have a second chance because of a map loop. This is a “boring” section of the game — skipping it would be nice.

    Basically, the difficulty of the game quickly reaches a “Mehh” point — nothing is happening for a long time.

    Fifth: The end game seems to reach a problem rather quickly. I want to be able to upgrade a lot of items all at once, and generally my games end with my being unable to spend my money quickly.

    I’d like to define an upgraded weapon, and stick that down. For example, a nuke with one speed upgrade.

    Right now my best performance comes by basically putting down alternating missile / nuke / missile / nuke; nukes with a speed upgrade. This lets me fill the playable land space (on map 3) around wave 55 or so. But after that, I’m having trouble. In a recent game, I was actually able to replace all the missiles with nukes, and in doing so made it onto the global top 50. But I have more money than I can do anything with. Trying to upgrade the existing nukes is really painful.

    I’d like to be able to say something like “Upgrade all nukes with speed level 2”, or such. Or, “Replace missiles with nukes”. In either case, as much of the actions would be done as possible, without having to worry about aiming the wiimote accurately (right now that aiming is the hardest thing of the game).

      1. It’s been almost a year. I’ve seen one update — and now the “aim” is accurate. I’m still having trouble updating installed guns in large numbers, or installing an upgraded gun initially. Any progress?

        Just something as “simple” as:
        Aim at gun
        Press A to select
        Press 1 to upgrade speed
        Press 2 to upgrade power

        so I don’t have to keep going over to the side would be nice.

        And, how about listing which map a person uses for the high score, as well as which program version once you do update the program.

        Oh yea — please, some way to skip the boring 20+ minutes where a few missiles at the start solve everything.

  2. How come my highscore wasn’t posted, I made it to wave 124, Score of 3,717,725, Cash $944675. I was just upgrading my Missiles and Cannons to the Max and it Froze. It shows up at local score screen, but not world highscore. I have screenshots if you need proof. 😐

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