WarQuest Android App 1.0

This evening PlaatSoft released Android WarQuest 1.0. The first official release in the Android Market Place.

29-09-2011 Version 1.0
– Added app icon
– Added reload, setting and about menu
– Added reload action
– Added setting page
– Added about page
– Added title bar with load progress bar
– Added automatic sign-on.
– Added client version information in http header.
– First release in Android Market Place,


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WarQuest Android App 0.1

This evening I started with the development of a native Android WarQuest client. After downloading eclipse and the eclipse ADT plugin the android development environment was up and running within 45 minutes. Great!

26-09-2011 Version 0.1
After a few hours of working I had created an app with the following features:
– Native running android app;
– www.warquest.nl site is automatic loaded;
– Website width is dynamic adapted to device screen size;
– Full control of game possible.

– Created an information page on www.plaatsoft.nl about this new product.

If the app is stable I will release it on the android marketplace. I hope a lot of new players will then find there way to this great game. I keep you posted!

WarQuest 2.6

Today WarQuest 2.6 is released. The following improvements and changes are implemented:

25-09-2011 version 2.6
Game website
– Complete redesign of battle functionality:
  – Now you can fight or bounty hunt other players.
  – You can set a bounty on someone head on the battle page.
  – If the player with bounty is defeated, he will lose some experience points.
  – Bounty hunting feature is enabled at level 5.
– Battle attack force selection is now stored.
– Added “President Office” discount building.
– Added admin action – update building discount value for all player!
– Added default picture for robot players.
– Added leaderboard position information on home page.
– Added active country count information on login page.
– Casino games are now unlocked during the game play.
– Unit and building attack / defense values updated.
– Enlarge maximum amount of buildings from 450 to 600.
– Added full automatic cron jobs

– Who will help translate WarQuest to other languages? Please leave a comment.
– Please visit www.gravatar.com to upload player image.


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WarQuest Windows App 0.7

This evening Plaatsoft has released a new version of the Windows WarQuest client. This release contain the following changes:

07-09-2011 Version 0.70
– Added load progress indication in title bar.
– Added reload button to popup menu.
– Added icons to popup menu.
– Added QT version information on about window.
– Use QT library 4.7.4 as engine.
– Build with QtCreator v2.3.0
– Released app on freewarefiles.com.


This night a new WarQuest Windows client v0.70 is released. If you are facing graphical (No images are loaded) problems after the upgrade. Please uninstall the WarQuestClient and download/install a fresh copy again. See below links. To bad the initial release contained wrong dll’s which course the above problem. This problem is now solved!


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WarQuest 2.5

Today Plaatsoft released WarQuest v2.5. The following features are added:

07-09-2011 version 2.5
Game website
– Complete redesign Alliance – Invite page.
– Player ally size is now limit to maximum 3 times the player level.
– For example: A player in level 11 can have maximum 33 allies.
– Remove recruit button on Player Overview page.
– Remove invite friend by email functionality. Was not used!
– Added user audit trail to detect hack attemps.
– Added “Satellite Solar Plant” energy building.
– Added “Military Headquarters” discount building.
– Improve database indexes. Queries average three times faster.
– Admin player now visible again in leaderboards.
– Enlarge maximum amount of buildings from 350 to 450.

– Who will help translate WarQuest to other languages? Please leave a comment.
– Please visit www.gravatar.com to upload player image.


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