WarQuest Android App 2.0

This early morning PlaatSoft released Android WarQuest 2.0. The following changes were implemented:

24-11-2011 Version 2.0
– Added workarround to resolve critical hanging problem.
– Exit button event cleanups cache and kills app completly.
– Released app on Android Market.


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WarQuest 2.0

This evening WarQuest v2.0 is released with the following new features and bugfixes:

25-06-2011 version 2.0
Game Website
– Reassign robot players to europe “country”.
– Added robot players up to level 35.
– Added semi-automatic robot player alliance acceptance.
– Improve admin robot player control page.
– Reorder levels above level 110.
– Redesign player skills page.
– Improve information box layout.
– Added Win/Losts ratio information to player statistics.
– Added two income and one extra energy building.
– Encrypted PHP code on web server. Protect my IPR!
– Added player building income detail page.
– Added player unit upkeep cost detail page.

– Who will help translate WarQuest to other languages? Please leave a comment.
– Please visit www.gravatar.com to upload player image.


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