PlaatEnergy 1.4

The next version of PlaatEnergy is released and contain the following changes:

– Added energy1_detail table to measure 3 phases (voltage, current and power) of 380VAC connection
– Added voltage day chart
– Added current day chart
– Added power day chart
– Added extra energy setting to switch on/off detail information

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WarQuest Windows App 1.4

This evening Plaatsoft has released version 1.4 of the WarQuest for Windows. This release contain the following changes:

20-02-2012 Version 1.4
– Added intro screen.
– WarQuest was build with QtCreator v2.4.1
– Use QT library 4.7.4 as engine.
– Released app on


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WarQuest Android App 1.6

This morning PlaatSoft released Android WarQuest 1.6. The following changes were implemented:

29-10-2011 Version 1.6
– Improve stability.
– Released app on Android Market.

26-10-2011 Version 1.5
– Some performance improvement.
– Released app on Android Market.

21-10-2011 Version 1.4
– Maintenance release
– Released app on Android Market.


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WarQuest 1.4

The afternoon PlaatSoft released WarQuest v1.4:

04-05-2011 Version 1.4
Game Website
– Improve mission submenu selection.
– Improve some game text boxes.
– Disable help rank and award page.
– Bug fix: Mission bonus money calculated is now working fine.
– Bug fix: Transaction with more 2.147.483.647 dollar is now working fine.
– Bug fix: Prevent negative hourly income on mission page.


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