WarQuest 2.7

Today WarQuest 2.7 is released. The following improvements and changes are implemented:

03-10-2011 version 2.7
Game website
– Added breaking news information on home page.
– Battle player list does not show allies anymore.
– Improve alliance overview – Not approved allies are now on top of the list.
– Optimised some pages for Android client.
– Improve release notes layout.

– WarQuest URL changes from www.plaatsoft.nl/warquest to www.warquest.nl
– WarQuest email domain created. For example info@warquest.nl
– Who will help translate WarQuest to other languages? Please leave a comment.
– Please visit www.gravatar.com to upload player image.


Click here to enter directly the game!

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  1. At this moment 1.383 players from 72 countries are active, 421.538 fights took place and 966.284 server requests were handled.

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