Wii BibleQuiz 20.000 downloads

Since the launch of BibleQuiz, it is downloaded over 20.000 times.

Official download count

Homebrew Browser 17.216 times [place 140]
My website 2.346 times
Google Code 438 times
Total 20.000 times

Website Upgrade

This evening I have upgraded my website.

The following changes were implemented:
– Upgrade to WordPress 3.0
– Upgrade all used plugins to latest available version.

TowerDefense 45.000 downloads

Since the launch of Wii TowerDefense, it is downloaded over 45.000 times.

Official Count

Homebrew Browser 40.710 times (place 67)
My website 2.551 times
Google Code website 1.739 times
Total 45.000 times

Released Addressbook 6.x-4.2

Plaatsoft released today a new version of AddressBook with the following changes:

13-06-2010 version 6.x-4.2
– Bugfix: Make all string literals unique.
– Added English and Dutch translation.

Would can translate it to other languages?

Released Addressbook 6.x-4.1

Today PlaatSoft has released Drupal Addressbook 6.x-4.1.

12-06-2010 Version 6.x-4.1
– Rebuild csv upload functionality from scratch.
– Rebuild member list and search functionality.
– Rebuild map page functionality.
– Added breadcrumb menus to all pages.
– Improve modules URLs.
– Improve addressbook drupal permission rights.
– Improve member and family delete. Delete all related data.
– Rebuild birthday block overview.

Released Addressbook 6.x-4.0

I am building a new version of Addressbook. On this moment the following functionality is ready.

04-06-2010 version 6.x-4.0
– Rebuild complete module from scratch. Goal improve look and feel.
– Added Main menu page including last edit time stamp.
– Split module functionality over more files.
– Added Java Script and CPS file
– Replace all html buttons with links. Much better look.
– Rebuild family and search functionality pages from scratch.
– Rebuild picture functionality.
– De-scope group email functionality.