Join Flattr

Yesterday I joined the Flattr community. I hope this investment will payout in the coming time!

Flattr is a micropayment system, which launched publicly in March 2010 on an invite-only basis, and then opened up to the public in August 2010.

Flattr is a project started by Peter Sunde and Linus Olsson. Users will be able to pay a small monthly amount and then click buttons on sites to share out the money they paid in among those sites, sort of like an Internet tip jar. The minimum users will have to pay is 2 euros per month. Sunde said, “the money you pay each month will be spread evenly among the buttons you click in a month. We want to encourage people to share money as well as content.

Wii firmware upgrade to 4.3e

This afternoon I have upgraded my Wii firmware from version 4.2e to 4.3e. Now i can use the Wii shopping channel again. Also the pre-installed Homebrew Channel (version 1.0.8) and my free developed and downloaded games are still working fine. So i am a happy man!

Important: You have first to upgrade the Homebrew Channel to 1.0.8 before upgrade the Wii Firmware else the Homebrew Channel will be deleted during the Wii Firmware upgrade.