VirtualBox Windows / Solaris 10 / Xming

I had the following problem with Solaris 10 X86 in a VirtualBox container. I could not make a XDMCP session with xming to this Solaris 10 container.

After long searching I found that default Windows 7 Enterprise is blocking (firewall) this connection. To resolve this issues go to the Control Panel – Windows firewall – Advanched settings -> Inbound Rules. Find Xming X server and enable each profile.

Then everything is working fine.

On the Solaris 10 site the following steps must be executed to enable XDMCP

Solaris 10’s desktop environment is JDS which is based off of GNOME.

– Log in as root
– Open a terminal
– Type gdmsetup (a dialog box will appear)
– Click on the XDMCP tab
– Check the Enable XDMCP box
– Press Close