WarQuest 0.40

This week the following functionality is build in WarQuest

27-02-2011 Version 0.40
Game Website
– Added tooltip on battle / mission / player page.
– Background image is now fix.
– Improve player overview page.
– Added leaderbord – best player
– Added missing units up to level 200.
– Added more mission – unit connections.
– Added buy missing units during mission play.
– Added random mission unit los.
– Added unit lost can be enabled/disable per level.
– Added battle summary show used weapon units.
– Added dot support in money javascript.
– Improve battle log text.
– Improve number format.
– Added settings page (change nickname and/or password).
– Performance tuning. Include only php file when needed.
– Refactor login functionality.
– html parameters are now hidden. Nice clean url during game.
– Optimise login, forgot password page.
– All hyperlinks are now encrypted to prevent hacking.
– Added alliance size to mission.
– Improve Health, Energy and Ammo countdown timer.
– Added configuration settings in array.
– Send welcome email to new register player.
– Added Password reset on login page.
– Added unit damage functionality during fights.
– Prevent income to become negatief because of unit upkeep total.
– Bugfix: Java script hourly money did not work.
– Bugfix: Defense strength was not correct calculated.
– Bugfix: Prevent negatieve income by selling a building.
– Bugfix: Initial attack and defense value was wrong.
– Bugfix: Several issues solved during battle events.

WarQuest 0.30

This week the following functionality is build in WarQuest

20-02-2011 Version 0.30
Game Website
– Bugfix battle page.
– Battle list is order by oldest battle on top and depend on alliance size.
– Player parameters are updated before battle.
– Improve skill page.
– Increase page width size to 500px.
– Added weapon upkeep money feature.
– Added menu indication if new ally request is waiting.
– Added menu indication if new skill points are available.
– Optimise data model.
– Calculate attack and defense strength depending on alliance size.
– Added hospital page
– Make SQL and PHP code compliant with unix operating system.
– Added comments page with ajax partly reload functionality
– Added Alliance functionality.
– Protect input for SQL insertion.
– Added Daily bonus.
– Improve building price structure.
– Added private battle zone (Disable member registration)
– Added CSS Background.
– Page width is now base 450px.
– Added page, mission counter.
– Refactor database source code.
– Check on dubble nickname during registration.
– Building price increase 10% every purchase.
– Added progress detection for missions.
– Make CSS compliant with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
– Added unit dependence to missions.
– Improve battle log (ago vs timestamp)
– Added more color to energy, health, etc.. values
– Added several hyperlinks to attacker info page.
– Added introduction text to login page.
– Introduce box layout.
– Added maximum amount of building per types.
– Bugfix: game timers.

WarQuest 0.1

Today I started with the development of a new game “WarQuest”. This Realtime Multi Player Game (RMPG) takes you to the year 2020. The world is at war. The goal of the game is to defend your country and conquer others. Buy weapon and production units, play missions, fight, make allies and become the best player of your country. Register to join this great virtual battle zone!

08-02-2011 Version 0.10
Game Website
– Started programming.
– Added basic login, registration and logout page.
– Added css sheet.
– Added unit and building page.
– Added player pages.
– Added battle page.
– Added mission page
– Added bank page
– Added some unit and building images.
– Added javascript timers.
– Added battle log.