WarQuest 0.30

This week the following functionality is build in WarQuest

20-02-2011 Version 0.30
Game Website
– Bugfix battle page.
– Battle list is order by oldest battle on top and depend on alliance size.
– Player parameters are updated before battle.
– Improve skill page.
– Increase page width size to 500px.
– Added weapon upkeep money feature.
– Added menu indication if new ally request is waiting.
– Added menu indication if new skill points are available.
– Optimise data model.
– Calculate attack and defense strength depending on alliance size.
– Added hospital page
– Make SQL and PHP code compliant with unix operating system.
– Added comments page with ajax partly reload functionality
– Added Alliance functionality.
– Protect input for SQL insertion.
– Added Daily bonus.
– Improve building price structure.
– Added private battle zone (Disable member registration)
– Added CSS Background.
– Page width is now base 450px.
– Added page, mission counter.
– Refactor database source code.
– Check on dubble nickname during registration.
– Building price increase 10% every purchase.
– Added progress detection for missions.
– Make CSS compliant with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
– Added unit dependence to missions.
– Improve battle log (ago vs timestamp)
– Added more color to energy, health, etc.. values
– Added several hyperlinks to attacker info page.
– Added introduction text to login page.
– Introduce box layout.
– Added maximum amount of building per types.
– Bugfix: game timers.

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