PlaatScrum 0.6

This evening I released the latest version of PlaatScrum.

23-05-2012 PlaatScrum 0.5
– Added more filter options to calender chart.
– Make sql code compliant with mysql and postgres database engine.
– Isolated mysql database api calls
– Improve page navigation.
– Added automatic story status update when related task, bug, epic status is updated.
– Added link to related story at task, bug and epic page.
– Bug fix: Sprint duration on project detail page is now correct!
– Bug fix: Week number in date picker is now correct!

Check out the demo here

WarQuest 5.3

This evening WarQuest v5.3 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

20-05-2012 WarQuest v5.3
– Activated improved holiday mode.
– Added following option to settinng page:
– Enable allies in battle and bounty hunting list.
– Disable battle bot news.
– Improve unit and building menu
– Disable page reload after battle force selected
– Improve forum performance.
– Refactor page handler events.
– Refactor popup messages.
– Refactor menu item.
– Refactor post parameter handler.
– Planet mission complet bonus is now automatic added!
– Add extra database index for better performance.
– Improve bad word filter!
– Limit maximum battle cash win.
– Bug fix: Increase alliance size above max with back button is fixed!
– Bug fix: Minor level experience range updated!
– Bug fix: Army defense profile overview mismatch resolved.
– Bug fix: Exploit with back button on building / unit page fixed.


Click here to enter directly the game!

PlaatScrum 0.5

This evening I released the latest version of PlaatScrum.

10-05-2012 PlaatScrum 0.5
– Added audit trail to monitor user activities.
– Added public access (read-only view ) for projects.
– Improve role access rights model
– Settings – Project menu now available for all users
– Added review status.
– Added multi language support.
– Added backlog menu item.
– Optimize story detail page.
– Added task overview to story.
– Bug fix: Charts are now no cache anymore client site.
– Bug fix: Export is working again!

Check out the demo here

PlaatScrum 0.4

This evening I released the latest version of my scrumboard software tool.

05-05-2012 PlaatScrum 0.4
– Optimize filter code use
– Added velocity chart.
– Added jquery date picker and multi select control.
– Improve role base access.
– Improve import and export functionality.
– Improve search box.
– Improve menu location on screen.
– Added meta search engine information
– Improve directory structure
– Added page titles.
– Added basic calender page.
– User can now change account settings.
– Added status chart.
– Added optimal line to burndown chart.
– Improve GUI layout.
– Bug fix: Solved several small bugs.

Check out the demo here