PlaatScrum 0.8

This evening I released the latest version of PlaatScrum.

25-06-2012 PlaatScrum 0.8
– Created new URL
– Move site to new VPS platform. Performance boost with 3x!
– Improve intro page.
– Added lock option sprint, to freeze sprint data set.
– Added cost board page.
– Added Basic Cost Rate to user project assignment page.
– Added automatic database backup based on poormans cron job concept.
– Bug fix: Login, register and recover page support now enter key

Check out the demo here

PlaatScrum 0.7

This evening I released the latest version of PlaatScrum.

09-06-2012 PlaatScrum 0.7
– Added email confirmation functionality.
– Save / Assign / Drop popup message contain now a link back to the detail page.
– Story points are now based on related task, bugs, epic work input.
– New stories are now automatic assigned to Scrum Master.
– Added optional (project setting) history information.
– Added resource board page.
– Added amount of queries needed to render to page.
– Story, Task, Bug and Epic date is now validated against project working days.
– Tasks, Bugs and Epics can now only be created with a story reference.
– Added workdays to project.
– Added xml and json export.

Check out the demo here

WarQuest 5.4

This evening WarQuest v5.4 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

07-06-2012 WarQuest v5.4
– Added country selection box to settings page.
– Space character(s) in nickname is not allowed anymore!
– Now setting a bounty is rewarded with one expercience point.
– Added sun planet (more is coming soon)
– Added two extra levels.
– Added total hourly income information to player profile page.
– Added planet mission bonus information to Help page.
– Added option to switch from MySql to PostGreSQL database.
– Added query counter information in footer.
– Added loosely coupled database layer.
– Added WarQuest for Linux hyperlink on login page.
– Robots now random sell units / buildings. Make them less strong.
– Improve Latest forum query on home page. 10 times faster
– Improve two cron jobs for better performance.
– Bug fix: Citizens are now showed again in player profile.
– Bug fix: Bots counter attack cash win is limited to max 1.5 billion.
– Bug fix: Mars bonus is now 999 billion.


Click here to enter directly the game!

WarQuest Linux App 1.0

This evening Plaatsoft has released version 1.0 of the WarQuest for Linux. This first release contain the following features:

05-06-2012 Version 1.0
– First release of WarQuest linux client.
– Use QT library 4.8.1 for Linux as engine.
– The app was build with QtCreator v2.4.1
– Released app on Ubuntu software center.


Click here for detail WarQuest information and download links.