WarQuest 5.4

This evening WarQuest v5.4 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

07-06-2012 WarQuest v5.4
– Added country selection box to settings page.
– Space character(s) in nickname is not allowed anymore!
– Now setting a bounty is rewarded with one expercience point.
– Added sun planet (more is coming soon)
– Added two extra levels.
– Added total hourly income information to player profile page.
– Added planet mission bonus information to Help page.
– Added option to switch from MySql to PostGreSQL database.
– Added query counter information in footer.
– Added loosely coupled database layer.
– Added WarQuest for Linux hyperlink on login page.
– Robots now random sell units / buildings. Make them less strong.
– Improve Latest forum query on home page. 10 times faster
– Improve two cron jobs for better performance.
– Bug fix: Citizens are now showed again in player profile.
– Bug fix: Bots counter attack cash win is limited to max 1.5 billion.
– Bug fix: Mars bonus is now 999 billion.


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