PlaatEnergy 0.8

PlaatEnergy v0.8 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

23-02-2016 PlaatEnergy v0.8

  • Hot fix release to help one of the launching customers!
  • Bugfix: Fix 3 nasty bugs which only occur the first installed day.
  • Bugfix: Used gas years report is now showing correct data.
  • Bugfix: Kampstrup energy sensor script is now working correct.

Click here to download the latest version.

WarQuest 0.80

Today Plaatsoft released WarQuest v0.80 with the following changes.

23-03-2011 Version 0.80
Game Website
– Redesign intro screen. Better look.
– Make CSS font size better
– Ordered domain.
– Added Nokia css style sheet. Game is now looking great on Nokia smart phones (5800, etc.)
– Added admin page, to manage easy users and comments.
– Added id to html links and buttons for automatic selenium tests.
– Added send comment to one player.
– Added third leaderbord.
– Refactor feedback message box.
– Improve help text.
– Bugfix: 100% continent detect is now working fine.
– Bugfix: Attack player for leaderboard is now working again.
– Bugfix: Emails contain now correct text.


Click here to enter directly the game!

Windows RedSquare 0.8

PlaatSoft has released RedSquare 0.80 for Windows (95, 98, 2000/XP, Vista and 7). The following changes were made:

20-03-2011 Version 0.80
– Added third intro screen with info about WarQuest.
– Added QT Libraries 4.7.2
– Bugfix: Highscores above 100 are not showed anymore.
– RedSquare is build with QtCreator v2.0.1
– Released app on

If anybody has a good idea how to improve this game, please post a comment

Wii TowerDefense 0.80

PlaatSoft has released this evening TowerDefense 0.80. The following changes were made:

30-12-2009 Version 0.80
– Added map id column to local highscore screen.
– Improve background images.
– Remove typo (nuck->nuke).
– Added 60Hz (640×480 pixel) TV Mode support
– Improve sound setting screen.
– Optimised enemy images.
– Adapt game parameters to make game play better.
– Increase start money depending on game level.
– Enemy walk speed is now a randomized value.
– Map id information is added to webservice call.
– Only scores above 20.000 points are send to webservice.
– Store the best 100 entries in the local highscore.
– Build game with devkitPPC r19 compiler.

SpaceBubble 0.8

A new version of SpaceBubble is released with the following changes:

11/02/2009 Version 0.8
– Improve Frame-per-second performance during game play.
– Show frame per second information on game screen.
– Added information popup windows.
– Added 10 seconds extra playtime to each level.
– Disable MP3 background music support. Too slow!
– Bug fix: Remove bug in Global Highscore functionality.
– Build game with libogc 1.7.1 and devkitPPC r16 compiler.

Wii RedSquare 0.80

A new version of RedSquare for Nintendo Wii is released with the following changes:

15/01/2009 Version 0.80
– Improve and secure webservice interface.
– Bugfix: Remove some small reported graphical bugs.
– Bugfix: Remove several bugs in network thread.
– Build game with libogc 1.7.1 and devkitPPC r16 compiler.

BibleQuiz 0.80

A new version of BibleQuiz is released with the following changes:

23/12/2008 Version 0.80
– Added SDHC card support
– Added power button support
– Bugfix: IR pointer does not disappear anymore.
– Build game with new libogc 1.7.1 and devkitPPC r16 compiler

Pong2 0.8

A new version of Pong2 is released with the following changes:

30-10-2008 Version 0.8
– Added support for Wii Classic Controller
– Added two bars on the Game board (Game Level > 2 and higher)
– Added game level six
– Build game with libogc 1.6.0 and devkitPPC r15 compiler