Wii TowerDefense 0.92

PlaatSoft has released TowerDefense v0.92. The following changes were made:

16-01-2010 Version 0.92
– Added 6 animated weapons. Thanks Applicant!
– Improve enemy animated sprite frame sequence.
– Improve help and level select screens.
– Lots of other small changes.
– Weapons now fire on strongest enemy in range.
– Increase bonus money when wave is cleared.
– Increase initial weapon power.
– Decrease weapon prices.
– Added weapon sell functionality with minus button.
– User initials are now default based on Wii nickname.
– Bugfix: Monsters can not be shooted before launch.
– Build game with devkitPPC r19 compiler.

22 thoughts on “Wii TowerDefense 0.92”

  1. This game just keeps getting better 😀
    I like the change that the strongest enemy gets shot first now, also the new gun animations are very nice!

  2. Fantastic! Very satisfying now to see a cannon fire at a bug and splatter it. I see you’ve made it more balanced again – Got to level 50 this time, but found I had to use a greater mix of weapons. I’m not sure if it’s noticeable to anyone else, but it looks as though the towers turn clockwise one frame when they fire, as though they point right the bug, then turn 22 degrees to the right to fire, then turn back 22 degrees left at the end of firing. Let me know if you want changes to these or any new sprites/graphics.

  3. This game is shaping up well – congratulations and thanks for all of your work! Can I suggest though that you shake up the weapons some more? At the moment, the more expensive weapons are better in every category – could you maybe make the laser fire faster and with greater range, but doing less damage per shot and do the opposite for the nuke and missile (slower but more damage)?
    Also, rather than firing on the strongest enemy in range, it might be smarter for the guns (especially for the weaker ones) to prioritise bugs that they can kill with their shot.

    1. Hi Benjamin, Thanks for this feedback. I will do some tests with other weapons specification and check if the game play getting better. If so, i will add this feature in the next up coming release! Greeting

    2. Sorry bout that benjamin, the “shoot strongest enemy” was my idea :mrgreen: . Mainly because sometimes a 400-life enemy and a 5-life enemy would walk by my nuke at the same time and (before v.92) the nuke would waste its shot on the 5-lifer 👿 Especially in the early stages this is very frustrating.

      Great job with v.92, wplaat! I’ll try to put in some more time with it today but I love the new animations, etc. I was also considering asking, how about making the Tower’s life in points rather than hits? Right now 10 or so enemies of any power will kill it, but should a 5-lifer and 400-lifer cause the same damage? And this would reward players for damaging (but not quite killing) the monsters which make it through to the tower. Just considering it.

      1. Hi Cobaka, I also had the same idea during development. But it did not workout fine. For example if you say the base has 1000 energy point the first 10 waves can just walk in the base without any problem. If you are playing level 40 it will only that 3 enemies to reach this 1000 energy point. So in the end i have decided to count the amount of enemies and not the energy levels. This is the most far approach. But anyway thanks for the idea. If you have more idea please let me know 😆

  4. Oh thanks! Thank you thank you thank you for adding a sell option! That’s the only thing this game was missing in my opinion 😀 Perfect now! 😀

  5. Hi, is it possible to add the gun status (Range, Power, Rate) to the gun icons on the map? Possible as Letter Like P1 = Power Level 1; P2 = Power Level 2;… or as colors red = Level 1; orange = level 2; yellow = level 3; green = level 4…

    So it will be easy to see the status of all guns and you dont need to click them all.

    1. Hi Falcon. I saw an other Tower Defense game using this approach. The problem is that with 32×32 pixels i can not show that amount of detail. So i have decided to show this information in a text bar and not with colors. Sorry!

  6. I’ve been playing this game for just a few days and I love it. I’d donate in an instant if I had either paypal or spare money around 🙁

    Building on another statement.. is it possible for guns to have a customizable setting so you can pick whether they fire at higher or lower HP enemies? And a third option so it will fire upon the first enemy within range like it did prior to 0.92. If this is too much, I think the weaker guns aiming at weaker enemies would be better.

    On another idea above from Benajamin: “could you maybe make the laser fire faster and with greater range, but doing less damage per shot and do the opposite for the nuke and missile”
    I’d like to see something like this as well.. even if not exactly how he worded it, just some variety between the weapons so that a Nuke is not the indisputably best weapon. I think having the laser faster with more range would be wonderful, while slowing down and powering up the nuke.

    1. An addition to my first suggestion – an option to hit the last enemy to enter the range of the weapon might be nice as well.

          1. I’d be happy to write up a nomination 😀
            Though I think I’ll wait until after 1.0 is released and you’ve settled on a definite set of mechanics.

  7. Hi Famico. Release 1.0 will take a long time. In personally never us 1.0 until i freece the project. So i would appreciate it if you write the recommendation soon 😀

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