TowerDefense 15.000 downloads

Since the launch (20 December 2009) of TowerDefense, it is downloaded over 15.000 times. Wow! :). So a very special thanks to everyone who’s been downloading, playing and commenting this game.

Official Count

Homebrew Browser 13.603 times
My website 1.172 times
Google Code Website 226 times
Total 15.001 times

3 thoughts on “TowerDefense 15.000 downloads”

  1. you need to have highscores by version… also by location…
    cos at the moment 0.90 highscores are spamming the leaderboards.
    anyway gj n congrats

    1. Hi, Today i have clean up the highscore for all old version of towerdefense. I will do this action again the coming weeks. So at the end the score will contain only valid score of the latest versions (0.91 and higher)

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