Windows PlaatStats 0.30

Hi everybody, Last three days i have invested some time to build a Qt Windows application (32bits). The application collects from my Website, CodeMii (Homebrew Browser) and Google Code the download statistics of my homebrew software. This information is the displayed in a nice form.

17-03-2010 Version 0.30
– First official release.
– Cleanup code.
– If internet is down show 0 values in boxes.
– Move clipboard functionality to Menu action.
– Build tool with QtCreator v1.3.1.
– Released app on

16-03-2010 Version 0.20
– Added fix window size.
– Store window position in Windows registry.
– Improve GUI layout.
– Fetch data from Google Code sites.
– When application is started, information is directly fetched.
– Add windows clipboard support (HTML output is added)
– Build tool with QtCreator v1.3.1.

15-03-2010 Version 0.10
– Start building.
– Created GUI.
– Added network call (Plaatsoft and CodeMii website).
– Added state Machine.
– Build tool with QtCreator v1.3.1.


Click here for detail PlaatStats information and download links.

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  1. Thanks. It is just a proof-of-concept. Final goal is to port my Wii games to the Nokia Symbian platform using the QT framework. This application is just to get some experience with this great framework. 😀

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