PlaatEnergy 1.3

This is the next release of PlaatEnergy. This release contain the following changes and bug fixes:

30-09-2016 PlaatEnergy v1.3

  • Improve new version detection.
  • Bugfix: interfaces scripts are now loading correct *.php files
  • Improve cron script. Now no output is returned with course a warning email.
  • Added support for Basic HTTP authenication.
  • Optimize automatic database patching.
  • Added warning when config.php is not found!
  • Added warning when database connection fails!
  • PlaatEnergy is now support MySQL 5.7.x and PHP 7.x
  • Protect PHP source code against plain code reading (URL hacking).

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PlaatSign 0.2

The second release of PlaatSign contain the following features:

25-09-2016 PlaatSign v0.2

  • Added automatic content feature (automatic uploaded by external resource).
  • Upload the same content is now prohibit.
  • Timezone can now be configured on setting page. Default timezone is Europe/Amsterdam
  • Improve password hash algoritm. PlaatSign is now using the lastest and most secure algoritm.
  • User is automatic logout after 10 minutes idleness.
  • Added automatic database creation and patching.

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PlaatSign 0.1

The first release of PlaatSing contain the following features:

24-09-2016 PlaatSign v0.1

  • Added basic content page with CRUD actions
  • Added role base access
  • Added basic settings page
  • Added basic login/logout functionality
  • Added basic user setting page with CRUD actions
  • Added basic help page
  • Added basic release notes page
  • Added basic credits page
  • Added basic donate page
  • Added basic about page
  • Added basic unix photo slide script for Raspberry Pi

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