Wii TowerDefense 0.80

PlaatSoft has released this evening TowerDefense 0.80. The following changes were made:

30-12-2009 Version 0.80
– Added map id column to local highscore screen.
– Improve background images.
– Remove typo (nuck->nuke).
– Added 60Hz (640×480 pixel) TV Mode support
– Improve sound setting screen.
– Optimised enemy images.
– Adapt game parameters to make game play better.
– Increase start money depending on game level.
– Enemy walk speed is now a randomized value.
– Map id information is added to webservice call.
– Only scores above 20.000 points are send to webservice.
– Store the best 100 entries in the local highscore.
– Build game with devkitPPC r19 compiler.

10 thoughts on “Wii TowerDefense 0.80”

  1. Nice Job on v0.80.

    Just one thing, its Shang46 for my name (It shows up as Shango64 in the credits).

    Are you still looking for artwork? I am able to create more if you would like.

    And sorry I just disappeared. My PC died and I was only able to check the net with my phone. New PC now and ready to go! 😀

  2. Hi shango46, long time no see! I will correct your name in the next release. On this moment someone else is creating sprites for the game. So on this moment there is not need. Thanks for offering your service. Greeting wplaat

  3. Hi there, first of all thanks for creating this game on the Wii! It’s one of the best developed Wii Homebrew games i’ve seen so far 😀

    Just a few notes on typos for the next release;
    – The Launch timer heading says ‘LANCH’ instead of ‘LAUNCH’
    – ‘Canon’ is spelt like the printer and not a real cannonball cannon 😉
    – ‘Missle’ is also Missile (though may not fit on UI?)

    Also just some ideas;
    – The UI takes a chunk out of some maps… its not essential but it would be cool if it hopped out of the way while building underneath
    – Building can be a bit tedious, maybe optionally have the Wii cursor start ‘building’ when the B button is pressed, consecutive pressed of B rotates the build item, A confirms purchase.

    Once again, it’s a really good release as is, and thanks again 😀

    1. Hi Shadowplace. Thanks for your comments. I will correct the typo’s in the next release. Great idea for the B button. I will add it. Also I will enable the cursor left / right key for selecting a weapon type!

  4. Thanks for creating & releasing this game. It’s the most fun & addictive Wii Homebrew game I’ve played & I can’t stop playing it!

    I feel that a more efficient way of selecting deployed weapons would be nice. E.g. after a deployed weapon is selected, using the left/right D-Pad would cycle through the next weapon on the map (this would make upgrading weapons much more efficient).

    Keep it up, looking forward to seeing this game develop further.

    1. Hi Frank, Yesterday an other gamer posted more or less the same wish. The good news is 😀 , that last night, i already build in this feature. So in the up coming release v0.90 the B and Left/Right button of the WiiMote device are enabled for fast building. If you have more great ideas, please post them!

  5. Thanks!!! The update was HUUUGE! The artwork looks great and the gameplay is much more fair… I hate to say this, but it is TOO fair… as in I never had one hit to my Tower and was able to max out all my weapons which were mostly Nukes and reached Wave 124 and then it Stopped! I did only play on Easy, but I thought the differences in level difficulty was just on level design rather than anything else. I like how the enemies come out at different speeds – it just never got hard enough for me to ever have any problems… I like how there is a meter letting you know how much your Tower has been hit and I like how the Nukes pack a lot of value for their cost in terms of Range and Power. I might have different high score lists or points scales depending either on what version you play or what difficulty level you play. Also, it felt really laggy once a ton of enemies came on the screen, but I suppose there is nothing you can do about the FPS or whatever, right? And I know this may sound hypocritical but I might make the difficulty somewhere in between 0.7 and 0.8 so that people like me don’t run out of levels! (Just so you know SuperWario = Andrew – Cedar Grove: I just put the latter on here because that is how it is on the High Score list) THANK YOU – this game ROCKS!!! –SuperWario

    1. Hi SuperWario, Yesterday evening after releasing 0.80 i saw my son playing the game. He played one of the easy maps and also beat all the enemy waves up to 102 then quit the game because i will continue forever. I have all ready adapted the game core a little to make it much hard after wave 100. So keep posted for release 0.90. FPS issue is related to Wii hardware performance. When +/- 200 enemies and +/- 100 weapons are active the FPS will drop to 17. I can not solve this issue ;-{ Wplaat

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