PlaatSign 1.1

The next version of PlaatSign is released and contain the following changes:
– Added parameter field to script content form.
– The parameter will used during execution of script
– Uploading script more the ones is now alowed again
– Added KerkinGouda demo script
– Added PlaatSoft demo script
– Update copyright banners

Click here to download the latest version.

PlaatEnergy 1.1

PlaatEnergy v1.1 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

  • General: Added solar converter efficiency value to energy delivered year report
  • General: Improve export to SQL feature. Now export file can be downloaded and delete afterwards.
  • General: Added weather station script base on onboard pi sensor.
  • General: Show status of all enabled solar converters at home page.
  • General: Added system name field to configuration.
  • General: Added solar description field to configuration.
  • General: Solar measument adaption now support 3 solar converters
  • General: Maximum value calculation improved for used energy year report.
  • General: Added solar converter peak power setting to configuration.
  • Bugfix: Google Chart background set explicient to transparent.
  • Bugfix: Delivered electricity year report scale is now correct calculated.
  • Bugfix: Monthly max power chart is now working correct with 3 solar converters active.
  • Bugfix: Data capturing is now working correct for hosola solar converter.
  • Bugfix: If only solar converters are configured then data processing is now working fine.

Click here to download the latest version.

WarQuest 1.1

This evening PlaatSoft release WarQuest v1.1. This release contain the following changes and bug fixes:

13-04-2011 Version 1.1
Game Website
– Improve bank page.
– Payed hospital bill is now recorded in bank transaction log.
– Added release notes to help section.
– Leaderbords table size enlarge to maximum 100 entries.
– Hourly income stops when player is not active last 24 hours.
– Added google analystics javascript.
– Added direct sign on and login for WarQuest client.
– Now only players can be attack with max 3 level difference.
– Initial skill point amount decreased from 10 to 7.
– Bug fix: Javascript money calculation corrected!
– Bug fix: Home page improved for Nokia devices.

Comments and bug fix reports are welcome and are rewarded with $ WarQuest dollar. 😆 😆 😆


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