Website upgrade

This evening i have upgraded my website.

The following changes were implemented:
– Because of a misunderstandment (1) 🙁 Google has disabled my Adsense Ads account. I hope we can resolve this issue soon. In the mean time i switched over to AdBrite Ads.
– Added AdBrite Ads banner to lower part of my website.
– Added AdBrite inline Ads.
– Added AdBrite banners to right sidebar.
– Added anti spam key word to comments input area. Reduce spam with 99%. 🙂
– Added category links to left sidebar for easy data access.
– Updated existing wordpress plugins to latest available version.

(1) My letter to Google Adsense after my account was disabled. After reading today for the first time the Terms & Conditions (During setup, two months ago, I just accepted the license agreement) I now understand want I did accidentally wrong. I was really under the impression that clicking on Ads was allowed if you are really interested in the goods/services with were offered. That was the ONLY reason that I clicked on it. I am terrible sorry that I accidentally violated with this behavior the Adsense Terms & Conditions. It was really not my intention. As you also can read on my website ( all the Ads earnings are donated to a Christian non profit organization “Compassion International”. It is in no means for my own personal benefit. I hope with this background information you will reconsider to reactivated my Adsense account again. Wants again I am very sorry that I course Google (and Google customers) any problems. It was not my intention and I hope that we can restart doing business. Best Regards

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