Welcome. PlaatSoft is a small christian non profit organization with as mission to created high quality software. This software is open source and may be copied, distributed or modified under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 3.

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Java Software

The following Java games RedSquare and KnightQuest are developed by PlaatSoft.

Raspberry Pi Software

The following Raspberry Pi software PlaatEnergy, PlaatProtect, PlaatSign and PlaatScrum is developed by PlaatSoft.

Android Software

The following Android games WarQuest and RedSquare are developed by PlaatSoft.

Symbian Software

The following Symbian game WarQuest and tool RSS Reader is developed by PlaatSoft.

Linux Software

The following Linux games WarQuest and RedSquare are developed by PlaatSoft.

Windows Software

The following Windows tools PlaatStats, PlaatScore, ChatCostCalc and games RedSquare, KnightsQuest and WarQuest are developed by PlaatSoft.

Wii Software

The following Wii games Pong2, BibleQuiz, RedSquare, SpaceBubble, TowerDefense and KnightsQuest are developed by PlaatSoft.

Drupal Software

The following Drupal modules Addressbook, Event Notification and Church Administration are developed by PlaatSoft.


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