Change login profile

If you want to change your login profile on a WarQuest Android App, please use the following instruction.

1. Start WarQuest App on your device.
2. Press the “three/bar point” icon on the lower part of the screen.
3. Now three new buttons appear on the lower part of the screen Exit, Settings, About
4. Click on the Settings button.
5. Change username
6. Change password
7. Leave setting page
8. Press again the “three point/bar” icon on the lower part of the screen.
9. Click now on the Exit button.
10. Now start WarQuest App again

WarQuest SOAP java client

Hi WarQuest player,

If you want to automate attacks, missions and/or alliance requests use the follow Java
example to interface with the WarQuest SOAP web service.

12-03-2014: Update java example. Now based on JavaCXF framework. Must cleaner java code!

package nl.warquest.client;

import nl.warquest.service.warquest.Alliance;
import nl.warquest.service.warquest.Battle;
import nl.warquest.service.warquest.Force;
import nl.warquest.service.warquest.Mission;
import nl.warquest.service.warquest.Planet;
import nl.warquest.service.warquest_wsdl.WarQuest;
import nl.warquest.service.warquest_wsdl.WarQuestPort;

public class Main {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		WarQuest warquest = new WarQuest();
		WarQuestPort port = warquest.getWarQuestPort();
		String username = "username";
		String password = "password";
		Mission mission = port.doMission(username, password, true, false);
		Battle battle = port.doBattle(username, password, Planet.EARTH, Force.AIRFORCE);
		Alliance alliance = port.doAlliance(username, password);

Needed MAVEM pom.xml

<project xmlns="" 
  <description>WarQuest client</description>

WarQuest 6.6

WarQuest v6.6 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

11-03-2014 WarQuest v6.6
Game Server

  • Added BBC news headlines to home breaking news section
  • Added 45 mission awards.
  • Added player search to Player->Alliance->Invite page.
  • Added Forums->Clan message system.
  • Added Admin->Views page (Admin Mode only).
  • Added robot account update (Admin Mode only).
  • Improve Admin->Levels page (Admin Mode only).
  • Added doAlliance method to WarQuest WebService interface.
  • Improve doMission method of WarQuest WebService interface.
  • Disable account reset functionality.
  • Disable automatic clan (member) inactive remove.
  • Added trade, restore features to unlock schema.
  • Enable as default scheme “transparent” for new players.


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