WarQuest 6.6

WarQuest v6.6 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

11-03-2014 WarQuest v6.6
Game Server

  • Added BBC news headlines to home breaking news section
  • Added 45 mission awards.
  • Added player search to Player->Alliance->Invite page.
  • Added Forums->Clan message system.
  • Added Admin->Views page (Admin Mode only).
  • Added robot account update (Admin Mode only).
  • Improve Admin->Levels page (Admin Mode only).
  • Added doAlliance method to WarQuest WebService interface.
  • Improve doMission method of WarQuest WebService interface.
  • Disable account reset functionality.
  • Disable automatic clan (member) inactive remove.
  • Added trade, restore features to unlock schema.
  • Enable as default scheme “transparent” for new players.


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