WarQuest 1.3

This evening WarQuest 1.3 is released.

27-04-2011 version 1.3
Game Website
– Improve worldmap image.
– Added worldmap hyperlink to jump directly to mission page.
– Improve continent complete bonus – energy level is directly restored.
– Username and Password length increase to maximum 15 digits.
– Initial money increase to 25.000 dollar.
– Initial skill points increase to 9.
– Improve admin pages.
– Move comments functionality to alliance menu.
– Comments send to a player are also mailed!
– Until level 17 players can only attack other player in the same level.
– Bug fix: Alliance player detail page did not work always. Solved.
– Bug fix: Notes page is now showed correct on Nokia devices.


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Happy Easter 2011

I wish you all a happy easter.

WarQuest 1.2

Yesterday I started developing WarQuest v1.2. So far I have build the following functionality.

20-04-2011 version 1.2
Game Website
– Added world map with mission conquer progress information.
– Decrease chance of losing units during mission with 50%.
– Show complete mission submenu bar.
– Added data page control to best player leaderbord.
– Split every mission continent in three parts.
– Created upgrade script to patch database mission tables.
– Bug fix: Remove some typos on the mission pages.
– Bug fix: Alliance calculation is optimise.
– WarQuest is also working great on Google Chrome 10.x and higher.


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WarQuest 1.1

This evening PlaatSoft release WarQuest v1.1. This release contain the following changes and bug fixes:

13-04-2011 Version 1.1
Game Website
– Improve bank page.
– Payed hospital bill is now recorded in bank transaction log.
– Added release notes to help section.
– Leaderbords table size enlarge to maximum 100 entries.
– Hourly income stops when player is not active last 24 hours.
– Added google analystics javascript.
– Added direct sign on and login for WarQuest client.
– Now only players can be attack with max 3 level difference.
– Initial skill point amount decreased from 10 to 7.
– Bug fix: Javascript money calculation corrected!
– Bug fix: Home page improved for Nokia devices.

Comments and bug fix reports are welcome and are rewarded with $ WarQuest dollar. ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†


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Windows WarQuest 0.4

This evening Plaatsoft has released a new version of the Windows WarQuest client. This release contain the following changes:

13-04-2011 Version 0.40
– Added direct sign on and login.
– Registration and Login information not needed anymore.
– Released app on


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WarQuest 1.0

Today PlaatSoft has release WarQuest v1.0 with the following changes.

08-04-2011 Version 1.0
Game Website
– Exclude admin account from player reports.
– Optimise level ranges.
– Added dummy accounts to the first 15 levels for more battle fun.
– Added Players per Level report (Admin page)
– Added copy member account (Admin page)
– Added new member report (Admin page)
– Added delete member (Admin page)
– Added logout page.
– Added rank image to home page.
– Adjusted daily bonus.
– Added Ranks, Awards and About help page.
– Added detail page how attack and defense strength is calculated.
– First stable release. Beta testing phase closed.
– SuperT, thanks for all the usefull comments and bug reports.
– Bug fix: iPhone Safari login is now working correct with GPRS connection.


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WarQuest 250+ players

Since the launch (13 March 2011) of WarQuest more then 250 players has joined the game. Wow! ๐Ÿ™‚ . So a very special thanks to everyone whoรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs been downloading, playing and commenting this game.

Official WarQuest Statistics

Players 345
Battles 27.437
Server requests handled 246.297
Windows client dowloads 304

WarQuest 0.90

Today PlaatSoft released WarQuest v0.90. This release contain the following changes and bug fixes:

01-04-2011 Version 0.90
Game Website
– Added admin comments maintenance page.
– Refactor function names of game.
– Added unit amount on battle page.
– Improve alliance page.
– Improve login page layout.
– Performance improvement. Split php and image service.
– Added maintenance mode page.
– Added deploy or disband multiple units with one click.
– Added buy or sell multiple buildings with one click.
– Initial (new account) skill points increase from 3 to 10.
– Now only players can be attack with maximum two level difference.
– Bug fix: Alliance size on leaderboard corrected.
– Bug fix: Resolve some small GUI layout issues.
– Bug fix: Nokia ccs stylesheet.
– Bug fix: Internet Explorer css stylesheet.
– Bug fix: Leaderboard player attack is now restricted.
– Retested game with Firefox, Safari, IE, Nokia and Opera browser.


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