WarQuest 1.0

Today PlaatSoft has release WarQuest v1.0 with the following changes.

08-04-2011 Version 1.0
Game Website
– Exclude admin account from player reports.
– Optimise level ranges.
– Added dummy accounts to the first 15 levels for more battle fun.
– Added Players per Level report (Admin page)
– Added copy member account (Admin page)
– Added new member report (Admin page)
– Added delete member (Admin page)
– Added logout page.
– Added rank image to home page.
– Adjusted daily bonus.
– Added Ranks, Awards and About help page.
– Added detail page how attack and defense strength is calculated.
– First stable release. Beta testing phase closed.
– SuperT, thanks for all the usefull comments and bug reports.
– Bug fix: iPhone Safari login is now working correct with GPRS connection.


Click here to enter directly the game!

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