Raspberry Pi Tower

My Raspberry Pi Tower is growing steadily. At this moment I have 4 Raspberry Pi’s (mini computer) running. One Pi is designed as an Access Point to the Internet and provides the SSL offloading. Furthermore, he routes the HTTP traffic via an Apache Reverse Proxy to the underlying three Pi’s. These Pi’s are arranged as web server and provide 22 websites. The advantage of this solution is that the total energy consumption (including gigabit switch) is approximately 30 Watt and the websites still provide a good response.

The following domains are hosted on the above hardware. Each domain also has a number of subdomains

New Hosting Provider

Hi. Last week I ordered a Virtual Private Server by Versio. This VPS is now operational and is hosting the following sites:

Family van der Plaat

I updated also all content of these sites because now all content, images and files are now located on the same server. Making maintenance and support much easier! If there are any problems (for example dead links) please let me know! Send an email to info@plaatsoft.nl

New Hosting Provider

Today plaatsoft.nl is moved to a new hosting Provider. The coming year NitroServe is hosting this site.

Main reason to switch from hosting provider was the limited free of charge traffic (only 5GB per month) of my current provider (StartHosting). The new provider has NO traffic limit so happy surfing and downloading. 😀

If there are any problems with the site please let me known. Greetings!