Drupal 5.x to 6.x migration

Last night I migrated the oostpoort website from Drupal 5.x to Drupal 6.x. The following steps did i executed to successful migrate the website.

1. Downloaded for each used 5.x module the 6.x release.
2. Make first backup.
3. Upgrade Drupal 5.20 to latest available level 5.22.
4. Upgrade all used Drupal 5.x modules to latest available level.
5. Make second backup.
6. Disable all none core related modules
7. Uninstall update_status 5.x module
8. Remove all Drupal 5.x modules from file system
9. Remove Drupal 5.x core files from file system.
10. Install Drupal 6.x core on file system
11. Configure settings.php (Take the new 6.x template as base) with correct database settings. Set $update_free_access to TRUE.
12. Access the website.
13. Run update.php two times
14. Now the system runs without any issues on Drupal 6.x
15. Install all needed Drupal 6.x modules.
16. Enable all modules and run again update.php
17. Change $update_free_access to FALSE in settings.php
18. Optional: Update theme template
19. Optional: Make third backup.

Some remarks:
– All these steps took four hours in total.
– If in the drupal configuration the start URL is “frontpage” replace it which “node” else the frontpage is not working anymore.
– If any of these steps fail restore the website which the available backup.

Older Addressbook releases

Hereby the drupal addressbook module release notes of previous releases

16-09-2006 v4.x-0.1
– Start programming

20-09-2006 v4.x-0.2
– Added addressbook view page

21-09-2006 v4.x-0.3
– Added edit / delete family member
– Added drupal access roles

22-09-2006 v4.x-0.4
– Added settings page.
– Improved birthday field
– Adding mobile number field
– Adding address (person) roles

23-09-2006 v4.x-0.5
– Adding Dutch translation
– Owner of address can be changed by administrator
– Adding picture to address

24-09-2006 v4.x-0.6
– Split view and edit page
– Adding country field
– Improve control button bar
– Add role filter in addressbook list page
– Added watchdog messages
– First Release

25-09-2006 v4.x-0.7
– Picture upload dimensions check added
– Move pictures to /files/addressbook/ directory
– First name, Last name, Address and Street start always with upper character.
– Improve email field validation

26-09-2006 v4.x-0.8
– Layout improved. Picture location improved!

27-09-2006 v4.x-1.0
– Add family and member page (Redesign from 1 to 3 level hierarchy)

29-09-2006 v4.x-1.1
– Input validation and navigation improved.

30-09-2006 v4.x-1.2
– Add picture upload information.
– Default email address is filled in when creating a new family member.
– URL parameters are now checked before use in queries (security fix).

01-10-2006 v4.x-2.0
– Improve navigation (Info pages are only showed when errors occur)
– Birthday is only showed when valid value is available.
– Improve error catching by SQL queries (security fix).

03-10-2006 v4.x-2.1
– Add CSV upload.
– Add CSV download.
– Remove minor bug in deleting member picture.
– Added build to the Drupal csv repository!

04-10-2006 v4.x-2.2
– Add birthday notification by email (cron hook)

05-10-2006 v4.x-2.3
– Improve delete flow (Added “Are you Sure” dialog)
– Add wanted roles input
– Improve Filter (Selected filter value is store in session scope for later us)
– Bug fix: Now picture is always showed with the correct dimensions
– Add thumbnails pictures to family list and family member list.

07-10-2006 v4.x-2.4
– Birthday email notification text is now configurable in setting page.
– Family list is now only showing one thumbnail per family.
– Add search field in Family List page.
– Add more information to the Family member view page.

09-10-2006 v4.x-2.5
– Add extra text by role input. So the functionality is clearer to the user!
– Add extra text for manitory input fields
– Manitory of email field can no be control in the setting page
– Bug fix: Family owner was something not set correctly. Bug solved!
– In family member list your can now search on members with Active or Interested in a role.

10-10-2006 v4.x-2.6
– Add graphical map function.

16-10-2006 v4.x-2.7
– Initial uploaded (CSV) Family and Family members do not have owner anymore!
– The first person who update a uploaded Family or Family member will be the owner.
– Bugfix: Now pictures are also showed when No clean URL’s setting is used.
– Bugfix: Now active sort filter will stay active until user change it!
– Add today birthday block page. can be used to show everybody who is celebrating this birthday today.
– Add in to all addressbook page <div class=”addressbook”> and </div> tag

28-10-2006 v4.x-2.8
– Uploaded images are now automatic resize and thumbnails are created.
– Final version for Drupal 4

31-01-2007 v5.x-3.0
– Make module compliant with Drupal 5.1

12-06-2007 v5.x-3.1
– Bugfix: Small pictures were not correct convert to thumbnail picture.

30-03-2008 v5.x-3.2
– Add visible Member ID for administrator users.
– Improve birthday email notification

Older EventNotification releases

Hereby the drupal EventNotification module release notes of previous releases.

10-10-2007 Version v5.x-1.0
– Start programming

30-03-2008 Version v5.x-1.1
– Add addressbook email look up.

27-04-2008 Version v5.x-1.2
– Add variable sender email address in configuration

20-07-2008 Version v5.x-1.3
– Add Comma Separate File (CSV) upload functionality