WarQuest 18.5 million requests

Hi everybody. Today the 18.500.000th WarQuest request was processed. That’s great. So the WarQuest server is handeling around 2.000.000 requests a month. Hardware is scale for must higher values so invite more players and ofcourse keep on playing.

Official WarQuest Statistics

Players 18.216
Countries 147
Server Requests 18.575.376
WarQuest for Windows dowloads 4.800
WarQuest for Linux dowloads 12
WarQuest for Android dowloads 6.800
WarQuest for Symbian dowloads 22.001

3 thoughts on “WarQuest 18.5 million requests”

  1. I was on leavel 206 and donated over 1 hundred. Dollar’s and love the game but it locked up on me I was 30 in the United states. And 120 in the world I’m really upset that I can’t play iv put a lot !!!!! Of time in this game I hope u can get it worked out I play on my android phone all day and night please fix the problem so I can play as soon as possible thanks…….tex 🙁 👿 😥 😡 😥 😡 😡 😡 ❓ ❓ ❓

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