Wii TowerDefense 0.94

PlaatSoft has released TowerDefense v0.94. The following changes were made:

05-02-2010 Version 0.94
– Improve video initialization.
– Overall FPS has improved 50 percent. Thanks Crayon.
– Lots of other small GUI changes.
– Mixed the weapon fire mode a little bit more!
– Nuke is 500 dollar cheaper!
– Increase http buffer size to 10Kb.
– Added inline source code remarks in javadoc style.
– Use Doxygen (windows tool) to create HTML source code documentation.
– Use GrrLib 4.2.1 BETA library (Now native FreeType support available).
– Build game with devkitPPC r19 compiler.


Click here for more information and the download link.

10 thoughts on “Wii TowerDefense 0.94”

  1. Hi, noticed that someone had an absurd hi-score. Is that even possible or is he exploiting a bug in 0.94?
    “1 41980 11-02-2010 05:42:22 1025 151505645 CARLOS 3 PT (Lisbon) 0.94”

  2. Hello again plaat! Congratulations on the new version, I love it!!! Faster frame rates make a more exciting and fun game from start to finish! Now, some questions:

    1. The #2 high score is also absurd, 50 MILLION – is this hacking …

    2. Have you tested the maps for impossibility of winning? I mean, if you start with a filled map of fully upgraded nukes, do you still lose? I inevitably run into slowdown as the waves start overlapping each other and I die 🙁

    3. On my widescreen TV, the map loses tremendous amount of space! The grayed box on the left side marks the bottom of my screen. It looks like this:

    Not a problem most of the time but there’s an entire row of cannons at the top and bottom I cannot build on Easy Map 5 for example. Is there any fix for this?

    1. Hi Cobaka,

      Thanks again for the feedback. 😀

      1. I will remove this hack attempt!

      2. On this moment you never win. The game will continue until you loss. The slowdown is related to the Wii performance. If 300 enemies are active on the screen the Wii is slowing down. 🙁

      3. Thanks for the picture. You are running 60Hz TV mode (640×480 pixels). If you switch the Wii to 50Hz you get a 640×528 pixel resolution. Much better! Then you can build one row more of weapons. An other thing is that you are lucky that you have a TV which is showing the hole Wii screen. Most TV (including my Sony Bravia) do not show the first and last +/- 15 pixels around borders. That is the main reason that i start the control panel with a offset.

      1. No, it was thermal. I pulled some dust from under my vertical stand.
        My Wii is just over a year old. going to try horizontal for a while.

        – Before I discovered the dust, here is what else I tried –

        No now it freezes without the motion plus.
        Scandisk did not detect any FAT damage.
        I tried re-installing recently.

        It freezes randomly in the first 30 seconds.
        I cannot tie it to any particular part of network access.

        changes from the most recent:
        motion plus (few days)
        new SD card (3 months
        USB-ethernet (1 year)

        Other homebrew seems fine

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