PlaatEnergy 1.1

PlaatEnergy v1.1 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

  • General: Added solar converter efficiency value to energy delivered year report
  • General: Improve export to SQL feature. Now export file can be downloaded and delete afterwards.
  • General: Added weather station script base on onboard pi sensor.
  • General: Show status of all enabled solar converters at home page.
  • General: Added system name field to configuration.
  • General: Added solar description field to configuration.
  • General: Solar measument adaption now support 3 solar converters
  • General: Maximum value calculation improved for used energy year report.
  • General: Added solar converter peak power setting to configuration.
  • Bugfix: Google Chart background set explicient to transparent.
  • Bugfix: Delivered electricity year report scale is now correct calculated.
  • Bugfix: Monthly max power chart is now working correct with 3 solar converters active.
  • Bugfix: Data capturing is now working correct for hosola solar converter.
  • Bugfix: If only solar converters are configured then data processing is now working fine.

Click here to download the latest version.