Raspberry Pi Farm upgrade

Today i have upgraded my Raspberry Pi farm:
– Upgrade OS (bullseye) to latest version
– Created wildcard *.plaatsoft.nl HTTP certificate
– Added HaProxy software load balancer (disable Apache reverse proxy)
– Now load balancer is taking care of the HTTPS offloading
– Now load balancer route HTTP traffic to correct apache node
– Upgrade WordPress to v6.0.2 and wordpress plugins

Letsencrypt wildcard certificate

To enable a Letsencrypt wildcard certificate do the following steps

1. Create a DNS entry *.[domain_name].[domain_extension]
for example *.plaatsoft.nl

2. Run following certbot command to create a wildcard certificate
sudo certbot certonly -d *.plaatsoft.nl –manual

3. Certbot will ask you to add an extra DNS entry (TXT) with a unique token
Add this record in your DNS

4. Press “yes”. Then wildcard certifate is created

5. Add new certificate to Apache or HaProxy.

6. Case closed