Releasing ChurchAdmin 6.x-1.1

Found a critical bug in the 1.0 release today. There for I release today the next v6.x-1.1 release.

29-05-2010 Version 1.1
– Hotfix: Double visit report is filter out.
– Hotfix: Now all pages work correct with Microsoft Internet Explorer
– Improve visit overview page.
– Build for Drupal 6.x

Note: Second official release for public us!

Releasing ChurchAdmin 6.x-1.0

PlaatSoft has released today ChurchAdmin 6.x-1.0

28-05-2010 (Week 22) Version 1.0
– Added Dooplid and Belijdenislid information to database and views.
– Improve Married and Birthday report.
– Improve family view.
– Improve visit member admin page.
– Add functionality to modify the phone number in visit screen.
– Filter novisit in visit address selection.
– Improve csv output data filtering.
– Bugfix: Delete member is working again.
– Bugfix: When new member is added all date fields are now correctly filled.
– Build for Drupal 6.x

Note: First official release for public us!

Pong2 45.000 downloads

Today Pong2 is downloaded for more the 45.000 times. Many thanks to all the pong players in the world.

Download count

Homebrew Browser 40.743 times [place 66]
My Web Site 3.545 times
Google code site 720 times
Total 45.008 times

Happy Pentecost 2010

Great and Happy Pentecost (The Gift of the Holy Spirit)!

Building ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.9

PlaatSoft building today ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.9

21-05-2010 (Week 21) Version 0.9
– Make member picture optional (Admin setting).
– Show member and church Id only for drupal administrator users.
– Hide Married date and Married state for non church visit users.
– Added functionality the cancel planned visited.
– Added functionality to adapted a saved visit report.
– Build for Drupal 6.x

Note: This build contain change requests which were reported by the beta testers

Wii KnightsQuest development on hold

Hi everybody,

I very sorry to report that the development of the Wii KnightsQuest game is on hold. I am too busy with my family and work to finish the project. Maybe sometime in the future I will continue the work. But for now this project is on hold.

SpaceBubble 35.000 downloads

Since the launch of SpaceBubble, it is downloaded over 35.000 times.

Official Count

Homebrew Browser 31.419 times [place 79]
My website 2.913 times
Google Code Website 669 times
Total 35.001 times

Windows PlaatStats 0.70

PlaatSoft release today PlaatStat 0.70

14-05-2010 Version 0.70
– Disable main window when sub window is opened.
– Improve new version check.
– Added donate window.
– Added Drupal Google Code downloads to statistics.
– Bugfix: Drupal ChurchAdmin module is now also counted.
– Build PlaatStats with QtCreator v1.3.1.
– Released app on


Click here for detail PlaatStats information and download links.

Received award

Release ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.8

PlaatSoft release today ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.8

14-05-2010 (Week 20) Version 0.8
– Added BlockId to all address entries.
– Show only addresses in the block where the visitor is active.
– Added support for lightbox2 drupal module. Nice photo popup effect!
– Improve module directory structure.
– Improve breadcrumb menu.
– Improve code syntax and source documentation.
– Improve form input validation.
– Make all SQL queries safe for SQL insertion.
– Added birthday email notification (cron job).
– Added birthday summary block page.
– Added picture remove.
– Bugfixes: Solve some minor issues after first deployment on my demo drupal6 site.
– Build for Drupal 6.x

Note: The release is also released on the site

Building ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.7

Building ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.7

09-05-2010 (Week 19) Version 0.70
– Added jquery date picker.
– Added access security control based on user type’s.
– Show more information about family in visit address select page.
– Show more information about previous visit in visit search page.
– Show more statistics information on visit admin list page.
– Cleanup available data.
– Added version banner on main menu page.
– Added latest csv upload date on main menu page.
– Optimise HTML output for Internet Explorer (6.x, 7.x and 8.x) and Firefox (3.x).
– Improve two reports.
– Added functionality to remove members (Drupal admin rights needed)
– BugFix: KerkLidNr was not loaded (fixed)!
– BugFix: Member record was not completly updated during CSV upload.
– Build for Drupal 6.x

Note: Module is not yet release!

Building ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.6

Building ChurchAdmin v6.x-0.60

02-05-2010 (Week 18) Version 0.60
– Created visit pages including history information.
– Added “return” links to previous page.
– Cleanup available data.
– Created family pages.
– Created three reports.
– Added image upload.
– Cleanup code.
– Move all utilities functions to separate file.
– Remove not used code and files.
– Added CSV data upload.
– Added CSV data filter to replace non ASCII character.
– Added multi table select functionality.
– Bugfix: No “visit wanted” is now working fine.
– Bugfix: Now member AdrId is also update during CSV upload.
– Bugfix: Solve reload button (Multi insert) issue.

Note: Module is not yet release!