Building ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.7

Building ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.7

09-05-2010 (Week 19) Version 0.70
– Added jquery date picker.
– Added access security control based on user type’s.
– Show more information about family in visit address select page.
– Show more information about previous visit in visit search page.
– Show more statistics information on visit admin list page.
– Cleanup available data.
– Added version banner on main menu page.
– Added latest csv upload date on main menu page.
– Optimise HTML output for Internet Explorer (6.x, 7.x and 8.x) and Firefox (3.x).
– Improve two reports.
– Added functionality to remove members (Drupal admin rights needed)
– BugFix: KerkLidNr was not loaded (fixed)!
– BugFix: Member record was not completly updated during CSV upload.
– Build for Drupal 6.x

Note: Module is not yet release!

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