My website was hacked!

This evening I found out that my WordPress website was hacked on 17-09-2009 10:00 localtime (Two days ago). 🙁 Not visible spam was added to the footer of this website and all downloads access rights were changed. Does anyone know how this is possible with WordPress 2.8.4? I upgraded three weeks ago my website to WordPress 2.8.4 so I personally think this hack is done with a WordPress 2.8.4 exploit!

The good news is that now everything is working normal again because i did the following things:
– Removed the spam from the footer.php template!
– Corrected the download access rights!
– Protected my score webservice against SQL insertion
– Set the unix file rights to readonly
– Changed all passwords

Wii RedSquare 0.92

This evening plaatsoft released RedSquare 0.92 for Nintendo Wii

18/09/2009 Version 0.92
– Improve intro screens.
– This version is compiled with the newest available Wii libraries.
– Use the asndlib (part of libogc) now as standard sound engine.
– Use libfat 1.0.4 as disk access engine.
– Build game with libogc 1.7.1a and devkitPPC 1.5.0 (r17) compiler.

Wii BibleQuiz 0.93

This evening plaatsoft released BibleQuiz 0.93.

18-09-2009 Version 0.93
– This version is compiled with the newest available Wii libraries.
– Use the asndlib (part of libogc) now as standard sound engine.
– Use libfat 1.0.4 as disk access engine.
– Build game with libogc 1.7.1a and devkitPPC 1.5.0 (r17) compiler.


Click here for more information and the download link.

Released Addressbook 6.x-3.4

The next version of the Drupal Addressbook is released with the following changes:
– Took addressbook v5.x-3.4 as baseline for this build
– Use file_directory_path() function instead of hardcoded /files definition.
– Improve information.
– This is the first Addressbook release for Drupal 6.
– Updated addressbook cvs repository for automatic update detection.

Note: Sending birthday and group emails is not working yet. This will be solved in next release!

Starting Symbian Homebrew site

Today i have started a new website about Symbian Homebrew. I was surprised that this kind of website not exist yet! The site is a new independent Symbian Homebrew website. The goal of the website is to provide Nokia Symbian mobile phone users and developers a wiki style website were they can find easy free open-source software! With easy I mean that visitors can downloads applications, games and/or other software without lots of Ads and other non related information. Ofcourse the succes of this website will mainly depend on you! Who will join me to setup and fill this new website. Looking forward to all your posts!

Link to the new site is SymbianBrew

Update 01-08-2011. Because of poor visit amounts I have closed the website.

SUN Storedge 3310

SUN Storedge 3310 notes:

Management tool for external SCSI disk

# sccli

SCSI Drivers reinit if not visible with format command:

# devfsadm


# reboot -- -r

UFS format

mkfs -F ufs /dev/rdsk/c2t0d0s2  <LUN 1> <Block amount see format>
mkfs -F ufs /dev/rdsk/c2t0d1s2  <LUN 2> <Block amount see format>
mkfs -F ufs /dev/rdsk/c2t0d2s2  <LUN 3> <Block amount see format>
mkfs -F ufs /dev/rdsk/c2t0d3s2  <LUN 4> <Block amount see format>
mkfs -F ufs /dev/rdsk/c2t0d4s2  <LUN 5> <Block amount see format>

Show SUN hardware PCI info:

# prtconf -v

Show SUN harddisk info

# prtvtoc /dev/dsk/c1t0d0s0

Mantis compact installation manual

Mantis compact installation manual for Solaris 10

– Patch sun solaris 10.
Install following packages:
– apr-1.2.2
– libintl-3.4.0
– libgcc-3.4.6
– gd-2.0.33

– Install mysql 5.0.24 sun packages
– mysql-5.0.24

– Create mysql user

– Create mantis database

– Create mantis database user with correct rights.

– Install apache 2.X (latest version)
– including PHP module

– Adapted http.conf
– Set correct document root /mantis

– Install start scripts in /etc/rc3.d
– S99apache2
– S99mysql

– Install mantis tar in /usr/local/apache2/htdocs

– Create symlink link mantis to mantis-1.1.7 directory

– Start mysql

– Start apache

– Open browser and enter url: http://localhost

– Fill in database connectie
Database name = mantis
login = mantis
password = mantis

– Mantis database is created

– Remove mantis admin pages
– rm -rf /usr/local/apache2/mantis/admin

– Change administrator password directory (default password = root)

– Now you are ready to us mantis

SUN Jumpstart

jumpstart Logging

Jumpstart activate on source server
# init 0
telnet -lom
sc> break or on SUN keyboard Stop – A
sc> console -f

ok> boot net – install


sc> reset
sc> break (paar keer)
sc> console -f
ok> boot net – install

HAB Add jumpstart Node:
./ nlnwhabgs03-e0 00:03:ba:5a:2c:f9 cm03 gs_prof
./ nlnwhabwe03-e0 00:03:ba:5a:31:6d cm03 we_prof

./ deduhabbe01-e0 00:03:ba:5a:2d:21 be_prof

HAB Jumpstart flow:
– in.rarp process
/etc/ethers (MAC -> hostname )
/etc/hosts (hostname -> IP adres)
– inetd deamon must run!
– rpc.bootparam process
/etc/bootparams (IP adres -> hostname)
– tftpboot (Solaris 2.8 Image)

cd /opt/jumpstart/jumpstart
– hostname -> hab profile
– Syntax check of rules file.
– run to create this file.
/ – Create disk partitie
– Install OS
– Delete not needed SUN packages
– Create jumpstart_profile file
– Set Console cable settings
– Create cmg user
– Set mac address for multipathing
– Set not router
– Copy /config/host file.
– Copy /config/netmasks file.
– Copy /config//defaultrouter file
– Copy /config/snmpd.conf file
– Copy /config/syslog.conf file
– Enable login as root without prompt for password on console
– Disable keyboard break
– Append /usr/local/bin to PATH
– Uncomment SUPATH
– Append /usr/local/sbin and /usr/local/bin to SUPATH
– Make sysidcfg readonly for root
– Set some TCP/IP Settings
– Copy /scripts/general/S99_stage_startup -> /etc/rc2.d
– Copy 0_stage /etc/jumpstart_stage
– Copy /config/bashrc -> .bashrc
– Copy /config/profile -> .profile
– Insert correct hostname in nodename
– Allow root to set yp ftp sessions
– Set display locktimeout to 15 minutes
– Set maximun number of login to 5
– Create logfiles for su and login
– Turn off useless lines in inetd.conf
– Set permission and owner of xhost file
– Set kernel parameters
– Prevent IP Spoofing
– Switch off S88sendmail
– reboot