SUN Jumpstart

jumpstart Logging

Jumpstart activate on source server
# init 0
telnet -lom
sc> break or on SUN keyboard Stop – A
sc> console -f

ok> boot net – install


sc> reset
sc> break (paar keer)
sc> console -f
ok> boot net – install

HAB Add jumpstart Node:
./ nlnwhabgs03-e0 00:03:ba:5a:2c:f9 cm03 gs_prof
./ nlnwhabwe03-e0 00:03:ba:5a:31:6d cm03 we_prof

./ deduhabbe01-e0 00:03:ba:5a:2d:21 be_prof

HAB Jumpstart flow:
– in.rarp process
/etc/ethers (MAC -> hostname )
/etc/hosts (hostname -> IP adres)
– inetd deamon must run!
– rpc.bootparam process
/etc/bootparams (IP adres -> hostname)
– tftpboot (Solaris 2.8 Image)

cd /opt/jumpstart/jumpstart
– hostname -> hab profile
– Syntax check of rules file.
– run to create this file.
/ – Create disk partitie
– Install OS
– Delete not needed SUN packages
– Create jumpstart_profile file
– Set Console cable settings
– Create cmg user
– Set mac address for multipathing
– Set not router
– Copy /config/host file.
– Copy /config/netmasks file.
– Copy /config//defaultrouter file
– Copy /config/snmpd.conf file
– Copy /config/syslog.conf file
– Enable login as root without prompt for password on console
– Disable keyboard break
– Append /usr/local/bin to PATH
– Uncomment SUPATH
– Append /usr/local/sbin and /usr/local/bin to SUPATH
– Make sysidcfg readonly for root
– Set some TCP/IP Settings
– Copy /scripts/general/S99_stage_startup -> /etc/rc2.d
– Copy 0_stage /etc/jumpstart_stage
– Copy /config/bashrc -> .bashrc
– Copy /config/profile -> .profile
– Insert correct hostname in nodename
– Allow root to set yp ftp sessions
– Set display locktimeout to 15 minutes
– Set maximun number of login to 5
– Create logfiles for su and login
– Turn off useless lines in inetd.conf
– Set permission and owner of xhost file
– Set kernel parameters
– Prevent IP Spoofing
– Switch off S88sendmail
– reboot

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