Mantis compact installation manual

Mantis compact installation manual for Solaris 10

– Patch sun solaris 10.
Install following packages:
– apr-1.2.2
– libintl-3.4.0
– libgcc-3.4.6
– gd-2.0.33

– Install mysql 5.0.24 sun packages
– mysql-5.0.24

– Create mysql user

– Create mantis database

– Create mantis database user with correct rights.

– Install apache 2.X (latest version)
– including PHP module

– Adapted http.conf
– Set correct document root /mantis

– Install start scripts in /etc/rc3.d
– S99apache2
– S99mysql

– Install mantis tar in /usr/local/apache2/htdocs

– Create symlink link mantis to mantis-1.1.7 directory

– Start mysql

– Start apache

– Open browser and enter url: http://localhost

– Fill in database connectie
Database name = mantis
login = mantis
password = mantis

– Mantis database is created

– Remove mantis admin pages
– rm -rf /usr/local/apache2/mantis/admin

– Change administrator password directory (default password = root)

– Now you are ready to us mantis

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