PlaatProtect 0.5

This is the next release of PlaatProtect. The release contain the following changes and bug fixes:
– Added zigbee sensor inventory detection
– Added zigbee motion sensor support
– Added zigbee battery view
– Added daily database backup
– Improve table look-and-feel
– Improve email alarm notification
– Improve hue bulb alarm notification

Click here to download the latest version.

PlaatSign 0.5

The next release of PlaatSign contain the following features:

  • PlaatSign can now display more then one video.
  • Improve video slide show preview.
  • Improve login page.
  • Slide show delay value is now validated.
  • Protect image upload directory against direct URL access.
  • Make HTML code compliant with Microsoft Explorer 10 and higher.

Click here to download the latest version.

PlaatEnergy 0.5

PlaatEnergy v0.5 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

  • General: Move all configuration items to database.
  • General: Add settings page.
  • General: Add energy, gas, solar measurement correction page.
  • General: Improve header and footer block of all pages.
  • General: Improve error handeling. If something goes wrong user is better informed.
  • Realtime Information: Add slider effect to information boxes.
  • Realtime Information: Add sunrise and sunset information box based on location.
  • Realtime Information: Add energy and gas carbon dioxide emission information box.
  • Realtime Information: Setting slider contain now more options.
  • Installation: Database is now automaticly created/patched during installation.
  • Installation: Now only one cron job is needed.
  • Installation: Python sensors scripts fetch device settings from database.
  • Installation: When new version is available user is informed.
  • Bugfix: Energy / Weather station meter connection down detection improved.

Click here to download the latest version.

PlaatScrum 0.5

This evening I released the latest version of PlaatScrum.

10-05-2012 PlaatScrum 0.5
– Added audit trail to monitor user activities.
– Added public access (read-only view ) for projects.
– Improve role access rights model
– Settings – Project menu now available for all users
– Added review status.
– Added multi language support.
– Added backlog menu item.
– Optimize story detail page.
– Added task overview to story.
– Bug fix: Charts are now no cache anymore client site.
– Bug fix: Export is working again!

Check out the demo here

WarQuest Windows App 0.5

This evening Plaatsoft has has released a new version of the Windows WarQuest client. This release contain the following changes:

19-05-2011 Version 0.50
– Rename proxy window to settings window.
– Added username and password settings.
– Added client version information in first request.
– Use QT library 4.7.1 as engine.
– Build with QtCreator v2.0.2
– Released app on


Click here for detail WarQuest information and download links.

WarQuest 0.50

This week the following functionality is build in WarQuest.

06-03-2011 Version 0.50
Game Website
– Added submenu to building page. No scrolling anymore. :-}
– Added two extra banks with special features.
– Added country flags.
– Added second leaderbord. Best performing country.
– Added bank transaction log.
– Added battle and bank table cleanup.
– Added basic help page.
– Added flavicon image.
– Added land names to flags.
– Added Credits and Donate page.
– Player can now only battle other country players.
– Improve player overview page.
– Increase daily money bonus.
– Improve home page layout.
– Show defense buildings during fights.
– Create unique game name “War Quest”
– Added battle new flag in main menu.
– Improve next level message.
– Added insigne image to home page.
– Update weapon unit names and images
– Update building names and images
– Bugfix: Level 200 is maximum to reach.

Windows RedSquare 0.5

PlaatSoft has released RedSquare 0.50 for Windows (95, 98, 2000/XP, Vista and 7). The following changes were made:

25-09-2010 Version 0.50
– Added high score window.
– High score is stored in xml file.
– Added game icon.
– RedSquare is build with QtCreator v2.0.0
– Released app on

If anybody has a good idea how to improve this game, please post a comment

Windows PlaatScore 0.50

This evening PlaatSoft has released PlaatScore v0.50

30-03-2010 Version 0.50
– Show popup window when internet connect fails.
– Added release notes window.
– Added donate window.
– Added credits window.
– Build with QtCreator v1.3.1
– Released app on


Click here for more information and the download link.

Windows PlaatStats 0.50

This evening PlaatSoft has released PlaatStats v0.50

21-03-2010 Version 0.50
– Improve number formatting (Add dot character after 3 digits).
– Added Windows setup file.
– Added source code to Google Code repository.
– Build tool with QtCreator v1.3.81.
– Released app on


Click here for detail PlaatStats information and download links.

Wii TowerDefense 0.50

This is the first official release for the wii homebrew scene:!: I hope everybody like the game! Comments are welcome.

20/12/2009 Version 0.50
– First official release for the Wii Homebrew Scene.
– Process most of the comments of the Beta testers.
– Improve “Game Over” screen.
– Improve game information panel on screen.
– Improve scroll bar button design.
– Improve Help text.
– Reduced amount of enemies in one wave.
– Increase user initials for 3 to 6 digits.
– Balance sound effect volume.
– Improve weapons upgrade ranges.
– Use GRRLib v4.2.0 as graphic engine.
– Build game with devkitPPC r19 compiler.

Wii SpaceBubble 0.5

A new version of SpaceBubble is released with the following changes:

28/01/2009 Version 0.5
– First release for Wii Homebrew Browser
– HotFix: Prevent crash if IR pointer is going out of the screen.
– Adjusted effect and music default volume.
– Added bubble destroy graphical effect.
– Added 10 seconds extra playtime to each level.
– Highscore is send to webservice if score is better then 10.000 points.
– Clock color is changing to red for the last 15 seconds.
– Added extra information on help screen.
– Reposition some buttons.
– Build game with libogc 1.7.1 and devkitPPC r16 compiler.

Wii RedSquare 0.50

A new version of RedSquare for Nintendo Wii is released with the following changes:

08/12/2008 Version 0.50
– Added Sound Setting screen.
– Added Release Notes screen.
– Added functionality to fetch release notes from internet.
– Added send highscore to google analytic.
– Added nine music tracks.
– Build game with libogc 1.6.0 and devkitPPC r15 compiler.

First official release for the Wii homebrew scene!

Wii BibleQuiz 0.50

A new version of BibleQuiz is released with the following changes:

24/11/2008 Version 0.50
– Added check if new version is available.
– Added animated screen icons
– Solved some minor reported bugs
– Build game with new libogc 1.6.0 and devkitPPC r15 compiler

– Content update:

  • Added 10 music tracks
  • Added 100 english questions (5 topics).
  • Added 20 dutch questions (1 topic).
  • Added 20 german questions (1 topic).
  • Added french translation.
  • Corrected some wrong answers.