WarQuest 0.50

This week the following functionality is build in WarQuest.

06-03-2011 Version 0.50
Game Website
– Added submenu to building page. No scrolling anymore. :-}
– Added two extra banks with special features.
– Added country flags.
– Added second leaderbord. Best performing country.
– Added bank transaction log.
– Added battle and bank table cleanup.
– Added basic help page.
– Added flavicon image.
– Added land names to flags.
– Added Credits and Donate page.
– Player can now only battle other country players.
– Improve player overview page.
– Increase daily money bonus.
– Improve home page layout.
– Show defense buildings during fights.
– Create unique game name “War Quest”
– Added battle new flag in main menu.
– Improve next level message.
– Added insigne image to home page.
– Update weapon unit names and images
– Update building names and images
– Bugfix: Level 200 is maximum to reach.

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