PlaatScrum 1.3

PlaatSoft released a new version of PlaatScrum with the following changes and bugfixes:

  • Admin user can now manage user events.
  • Admin user can now manage SQL backup files.
  • SQL backup file have now random filename. More secure!
  • Move event logging to database. More secure!
  • Filter settings are now managed per project and page.
  • Added multi select priority filter feature.
  • Added priority column to sprint and product backlog.
  • Added calender sprint letter for each week that sprint takes.
  • Added story sorting (asc/desc) on taskboard.
  • Current day is highlighted on calender.
  • Redesign login page and page banner.
  • Bugfix: Velocity chart is now showing correct values.
  • Bugfix: Sprint locked column is now working again.
  • Bugfix: Default value of story ref_id is now correctly set.
  • Bugfix: Assign button on backlog form is now working again.
  • Bugfix: If session expired redirect to login page is now working correct.
  • Bugfix: Now all columns on taskboard layout have same size.
  • Bugfix: Burndown chart, both lines start now with same value.

Check out the demo here

PlaatEnergy 1.3

This is the next release of PlaatEnergy. This release contain the following changes and bug fixes:

  • Improve new version detection.
  • Bugfix: interfaces scripts are now loading correct *.php files
  • Improve cron script. Now no output is returned with course a warning email.
  • Added support for Basic HTTP authenication.
  • Optimize automatic database patching.
  • Added warning when config.php is not found!
  • Added warning when database connection fails!
  • PlaatEnergy is now support MySQL 5.7.x and PHP 7.x
  • Protect PHP source code against plain code reading (URL hacking).

Click here to download the latest version.

WarQuest Windows App 1.3

This evening Plaatsoft has released version 1.3 of the WarQuest for Windows. This release contain the following changes:

02-12-2011 Version 1.3
– Added https support.
– Now paypal donate buttons works correct!
– WarQuest was build with QtCreator v2.3.0
– Use QT library 4.7.4 as engine.
– Released app on


Click here for detail WarQuest information and download links.

WarQuest 1.3

This evening WarQuest 1.3 is released.

27-04-2011 version 1.3
Game Website
– Improve worldmap image.
– Added worldmap hyperlink to jump directly to mission page.
– Improve continent complete bonus – energy level is directly restored.
– Username and Password length increase to maximum 15 digits.
– Initial money increase to 25.000 dollar.
– Initial skill points increase to 9.
– Improve admin pages.
– Move comments functionality to alliance menu.
– Comments send to a player are also mailed!
– Until level 17 players can only attack other player in the same level.
– Bug fix: Alliance player detail page did not work always. Solved.
– Bug fix: Notes page is now showed correct on Nokia devices.


Click here to enter directly the game!