PlaatScrum 1.3

PlaatSoft released a new version of PlaatScrum with the following changes and bugfixes:

  • Admin user can now manage user events.
  • Admin user can now manage SQL backup files.
  • SQL backup file have now random filename. More secure!
  • Move event logging to database. More secure!
  • Filter settings are now managed per project and page.
  • Added multi select priority filter feature.
  • Added priority column to sprint and product backlog.
  • Added calender sprint letter for each week that sprint takes.
  • Added story sorting (asc/desc) on taskboard.
  • Current day is highlighted on calender.
  • Redesign login page and page banner.
  • Bugfix: Velocity chart is now showing correct values.
  • Bugfix: Sprint locked column is now working again.
  • Bugfix: Default value of story ref_id is now correctly set.
  • Bugfix: Assign button on backlog form is now working again.
  • Bugfix: If session expired redirect to login page is now working correct.
  • Bugfix: Now all columns on taskboard layout have same size.
  • Bugfix: Burndown chart, both lines start now with same value.

Check out the demo here

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