PlaatProtect 0.3

This is the next release of PlaatProtect. The release contain the following changes and bug fixes:
– Improve new version detection script
– Improve php cron job. Now no output is created anymore
– Added battery chart for all zwave devices
– Added temperature chart for all zwave devices
– Added humidity chart for all zwave devices
– Added lumaniance chart for all zwave devices
– Added location of zwave sensors on home page
– Protect scenario and panic buttons against accidental click
– Bugfix: Fix critical bug in event.php in sleep and away mode
– Bugfix: Temperature above 25.5c is now correctly measured

Click here to download the latest version.

Java KnightsQuest 0.3

This evening the third beta is released of KnightQuest. It contain the following new features:
– Added 3 screen resolutions.
– Increase amount of maps to 60.
– Improve game play. Now maps must be unlocked.
– Pawn can now move two land tills per turn.
– Added harbors so soldiers can travel faster.
– Game settings and progress are now stored on disk.
– Bugfix: Second game initialization is working fine.
– Bugfix: Now autmatic next turn detection is working fine.

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PlaatSign 0.3

The next release of PlaatSign contain the following features:

  • The following improvements were made after the first demo to the “end user”:
  • Added script content for dynamic content support.
  • Added video content support.
  • Improve file upload. File is now directly uploaded after selection.
  • Improve automatic database patching algoritm.
  • Remove jquery libraries. Speedup page loading.
  • Added fatal warning when config.php is not found.
  • Added fatal warning when database connection fails.
  • Added example content scripts: Clock, News, Weather, etc..
  • Bug fix: Improve php cron job now no output is generated anymore.
  • Bug fix: File size detection is now working correctly.
  • Bug fix: Remove some typos in the text.
  • Bug fix: Filename with uppercase extension is now correctly processed.

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PlaatEnergy 0.3

PlaatEnergy v0.3 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

30-11-2015 PlaatEnergy v0.3

  • Added Energy, Solar, Gas years reports.
  • Optimised database structure. Data is now aggregrated on day base.
  • Update energy, solar, gas year reports.
  • Update energy, solar, gas month reports.
  • Update energy, solar, gas day reports.
  • Move sensor python scripts to website directory structure.
  • Add option to disable weather meter.
  • Add option to disable solar meter.
  • Add connection check to Energy, Solar and Weather meter.
  • Realtime information GUI is improved.

Click here to download the latest version.

WarQuest 0.30

This week the following functionality is build in WarQuest

20-02-2011 Version 0.30
Game Website
– Bugfix battle page.
– Battle list is order by oldest battle on top and depend on alliance size.
– Player parameters are updated before battle.
– Improve skill page.
– Increase page width size to 500px.
– Added weapon upkeep money feature.
– Added menu indication if new ally request is waiting.
– Added menu indication if new skill points are available.
– Optimise data model.
– Calculate attack and defense strength depending on alliance size.
– Added hospital page
– Make SQL and PHP code compliant with unix operating system.
– Added comments page with ajax partly reload functionality
– Added Alliance functionality.
– Protect input for SQL insertion.
– Added Daily bonus.
– Improve building price structure.
– Added private battle zone (Disable member registration)
– Added CSS Background.
– Page width is now base 450px.
– Added page, mission counter.
– Refactor database source code.
– Check on dubble nickname during registration.
– Building price increase 10% every purchase.
– Added progress detection for missions.
– Make CSS compliant with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
– Added unit dependence to missions.
– Improve battle log (ago vs timestamp)
– Added more color to energy, health, etc.. values
– Added several hyperlinks to attacker info page.
– Added introduction text to login page.
– Introduce box layout.
– Added maximum amount of building per types.
– Bugfix: game timers.

Wii KnightsQuest 0.3

The next version of KnightsQuest is released with the following changes:

  • GUI:
    • Update menu screen information.
  • Core:
    • Improve game icon.
    • Improve http library functionality.
    • Use GRRLIB 4.3.0 as graphical engine.
    • libpng was updated to version 1.4.2
    • libjpeg was updated to version 8b
    • zlib was updated to version 1.2.5
    • FreeType was updated to 2.3.12
    • Solve random freeze problem during startup of game.
  • General:

    • Build game with devkitPPC r21 compiler.


    Click here for more information and the download link.

  • Windows PlaatScore 0.30

    This afternoon PlaatSoft has released PlaatScore v0.30

    27-03-2010 Version 0.30
    – Added support for dynamic xml data.
    – Make table resizable.
    – Added popup menu.
    – Disable column sorting (Did not work good).
    – Improve screen layout.
    – Build with QtCreator v1.3.1
    – Released app on


    Click here for more information and the download link.

    Windows PlaatStats 0.30

    Hi everybody, Last three days i have invested some time to build a Qt Windows application (32bits). The application collects from my Website, CodeMii (Homebrew Browser) and Google Code the download statistics of my homebrew software. This information is the displayed in a nice form.

    17-03-2010 Version 0.30
    – First official release.
    – Cleanup code.
    – If internet is down show 0 values in boxes.
    – Move clipboard functionality to Menu action.
    – Build tool with QtCreator v1.3.1.
    – Released app on

    16-03-2010 Version 0.20
    – Added fix window size.
    – Store window position in Windows registry.
    – Improve GUI layout.
    – Fetch data from Google Code sites.
    – When application is started, information is directly fetched.
    – Add windows clipboard support (HTML output is added)
    – Build tool with QtCreator v1.3.1.

    15-03-2010 Version 0.10
    – Start building.
    – Created GUI.
    – Added network call (Plaatsoft and CodeMii website).
    – Added state Machine.
    – Build tool with QtCreator v1.3.1.


    Click here for detail PlaatStats information and download links.

    Wii TowerDefense 0.30

    This week the following functionality is added to the Wii TowerDefense game.

    06/12/2009 Version 0.30
    – Added third game map.
    – Added water and bridge map component.
    – Added very basic main menu screen.
    – Added gameOver detection
    – Improve memory usage (load classes dynamicly when needed)
    – Added functionality that weapons can fire.
    – Added more comment to source code.
    – Added state machine functionality
    – Align monster movement on grid.
    – Use libogc 1.8.1 library as Wii interface engine.
    – Build game with devkitPPC r19 compiler.

    This game is not released yet! I expect that the first Beta release will be available round Christmas time! Please leave a note if you want to be a beta tester for this game.

    Wii SpaceBubble 0.3

    A new version of SpaceBubble is released with the following changes:

    24/01/2009 Version 0.3
    – Added scrollbar to highscore and release notes screens.
    – The fifty highest local scores are showed.
    – The thirty highest global highscores are showed.
    – Improve button layout.
    – Improve third intro screen.
    – Build game with libogc 1.7.1 and devkitPPC r16 compiler.

    Wii BibleQuiz 0.30

    The first official release of BibleQuiz is released with the following changes:

    15/11/2008 Version 0.30
    – First release for the Wii HomeBrew community
    – Complete rebuild from game engine
    – Added language / topic select screen
    – Added goodbye screen
    – Added sound volume control screen
    – Build game with new libogc 1.6.0 and devkitPPC r15 compiler

    – Content update:

    • Added German language
    • Added 10 english questions (1 topic)
    • Added 20 dutch questions (2 topics)

    Wii Pong2 0.3

    The first official version of Pong2 is released with the following changes:

    20-10-2008 Version 0.3
    – Added a nice start screen
    – Ball speed can now be controlled by A and B buttons
    – 10 tracks of background music added and can be controlled by 1 and 2 buttons
    – Build game with libogc 1.6.0 and devkitPPC r15 compiler

    The software is not released yet!