PlaatSign 0.3

The next release of PlaatSign contain the following features:

  • The following improvements were made after the first demo to the “end user”:
  • Added script content for dynamic content support.
  • Added video content support.
  • Improve file upload. File is now directly uploaded after selection.
  • Improve automatic database patching algoritm.
  • Remove jquery libraries. Speedup page loading.
  • Added fatal warning when config.php is not found.
  • Added fatal warning when database connection fails.
  • Added example content scripts: Clock, News, Weather, etc..
  • Bug fix: Improve php cron job now no output is generated anymore.
  • Bug fix: File size detection is now working correctly.
  • Bug fix: Remove some typos in the text.
  • Bug fix: Filename with uppercase extension is now correctly processed.

Click here to download the latest version.

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