Releasing ChurchAdmin 6.x-1.1

Found a critical bug in the 1.0 release today. There for I release today the next v6.x-1.1 release.

29-05-2010 Version 1.1
– Hotfix: Double visit report is filter out.
– Hotfix: Now all pages work correct with Microsoft Internet Explorer
– Improve visit overview page.
– Build for Drupal 6.x

Note: Second official release for public us!

Releasing ChurchAdmin 6.x-1.0

PlaatSoft has released today ChurchAdmin 6.x-1.0

28-05-2010 (Week 22) Version 1.0
– Added Dooplid and Belijdenislid information to database and views.
– Improve Married and Birthday report.
– Improve family view.
– Improve visit member admin page.
– Add functionality to modify the phone number in visit screen.
– Filter novisit in visit address selection.
– Improve csv output data filtering.
– Bugfix: Delete member is working again.
– Bugfix: When new member is added all date fields are now correctly filled.
– Build for Drupal 6.x

Note: First official release for public us!

Building ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.9

PlaatSoft building today ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.9

21-05-2010 (Week 21) Version 0.9
– Make member picture optional (Admin setting).
– Show member and church Id only for drupal administrator users.
– Hide Married date and Married state for non church visit users.
– Added functionality the cancel planned visited.
– Added functionality to adapted a saved visit report.
– Build for Drupal 6.x

Note: This build contain change requests which were reported by the beta testers

Release ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.8

PlaatSoft release today ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.8

14-05-2010 (Week 20) Version 0.8
– Added BlockId to all address entries.
– Show only addresses in the block where the visitor is active.
– Added support for lightbox2 drupal module. Nice photo popup effect!
– Improve module directory structure.
– Improve breadcrumb menu.
– Improve code syntax and source documentation.
– Improve form input validation.
– Make all SQL queries safe for SQL insertion.
– Added birthday email notification (cron job).
– Added birthday summary block page.
– Added picture remove.
– Bugfixes: Solve some minor issues after first deployment on my demo drupal6 site.
– Build for Drupal 6.x

Note: The release is also released on the site

Building ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.7

Building ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.7

09-05-2010 (Week 19) Version 0.70
– Added jquery date picker.
– Added access security control based on user type’s.
– Show more information about family in visit address select page.
– Show more information about previous visit in visit search page.
– Show more statistics information on visit admin list page.
– Cleanup available data.
– Added version banner on main menu page.
– Added latest csv upload date on main menu page.
– Optimise HTML output for Internet Explorer (6.x, 7.x and 8.x) and Firefox (3.x).
– Improve two reports.
– Added functionality to remove members (Drupal admin rights needed)
– BugFix: KerkLidNr was not loaded (fixed)!
– BugFix: Member record was not completly updated during CSV upload.
– Build for Drupal 6.x

Note: Module is not yet release!

Building ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.6

Building ChurchAdmin v6.x-0.60

02-05-2010 (Week 18) Version 0.60
– Created visit pages including history information.
– Added “return” links to previous page.
– Cleanup available data.
– Created family pages.
– Created three reports.
– Added image upload.
– Cleanup code.
– Move all utilities functions to separate file.
– Remove not used code and files.
– Added CSV data upload.
– Added CSV data filter to replace non ASCII character.
– Added multi table select functionality.
– Bugfix: No “visit wanted” is now working fine.
– Bugfix: Now member AdrId is also update during CSV upload.
– Bugfix: Solve reload button (Multi insert) issue.

Note: Module is not yet release!

Building ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.4

Building ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.4.

18-04-2010 (Week 16) Version 0.40
– Create Google Code repository.
– Create Ohloh project account.
– Create information page on PlaatSoft website.
– Create Drupal project “Oostpoort” on
– Based HTML output on standard Drupal Style sheet.
– Start building first pages.
– Build for Drupal 6.x

Note: Module is not yet release!

Building ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.3

Hi everybody. Hereby a short update what is going on lately. This week I started working again on the Drupal Church Administration module*. I have finished the data model and migrated the existing data to this new data model. Coming weeks I am very busy building and testing all data views and crud (Create, Read, Update and Delete) pages. The final goal is to go live with this module ( at the end of May 2010.

10-04-2010 (Week 15) v6.x-0.3
– Started PHP programming.
– Convert proof-of-concept module from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6.
– Switch from oracle datamodel to mysql datamodel.
– Build for Drupal 6.x

* I am still searching for a good name for this drupal module? If anybody has good an idea. Please let me known! 😀

Note: Module is not yet release!