Building ChurchAdmin 6.x-0.6

Building ChurchAdmin v6.x-0.60

02-05-2010 (Week 18) Version 0.60
– Created visit pages including history information.
– Added “return” links to previous page.
– Cleanup available data.
– Created family pages.
– Created three reports.
– Added image upload.
– Cleanup code.
– Move all utilities functions to separate file.
– Remove not used code and files.
– Added CSV data upload.
– Added CSV data filter to replace non ASCII character.
– Added multi table select functionality.
– Bugfix: No “visit wanted” is now working fine.
– Bugfix: Now member AdrId is also update during CSV upload.
– Bugfix: Solve reload button (Multi insert) issue.

Note: Module is not yet release!

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