Tower Defense design

Hello everbody,

This evening i created some art drawings how the game will look like. Ofcourse this is just a really high level art design. So anything can change in time. 🙂

Menu screen

In the menu screen the player can choose several option. Ofcouse there is a Help, Credits and Release Notes option. Sound Settings and User Initials settings for highscore area can be configured. The game it self can run in Easy, Medium or Hard game mode.

Map select screen

After selecting the game mode the player can selected a game map.

Gameboard screen

Gameboard contains al kind of information. Defense system can be drag-and-drop on the battle field. Defense systems can be upgraded in Power, Fire speed and Range.

I have decided to build the game in C++. An object approach for this kind of game is much better then the tradional ansi c approach. If you have any comments on the art drawings, please posted them below. Looking forward to it ❗

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  1. Hello, fellow TD designer! I’m writing a Flash tower defense game for my school IT project this year. Best of luck to you! 🙂

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