Tower Defense design

Hello everbody,

This evening i created some art drawings how the game will look like. Ofcourse this is just a really high level art design. So anything can change in time. 🙂

Menu screen

In the menu screen the player can choose several option. Ofcouse there is a Help, Credits and Release Notes option. Sound Settings and User Initials settings for highscore area can be configured. The game it self can run in Easy, Medium or Hard game mode.

Map select screen

After selecting the game mode the player can selected a game map.

Gameboard screen

Gameboard contains al kind of information. Defense system can be drag-and-drop on the battle field. Defense systems can be upgraded in Power, Fire speed and Range.

I have decided to build the game in C++. An object approach for this kind of game is much better then the tradional ansi c approach. If you have any comments on the art drawings, please posted them below. Looking forward to it ❗

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  1. This is so cool! Are you designing this game around a game/series already released or everything from scratch? And if you need any beta testers, of course I am willing to help. 8)

  2. And if I can, I have a feature suggestion/hope for this. How about online multiplayer? Probably something for a later version if ever, but it would definitely make for some real fun.

  3. Good to know. I am really looking forward to this as there is a real lack of these types of games on any system. You should try and incorporate some kind of story with it. If you need any help with testing this at all, I am wanting to help.

  4. I’m trying to do something, but I can’t do a background, the images are not very good because my PC is out… (used: PhotoStudio4 for Mac…)

    Info: used GCN letters (What’s do you want for the Police ?)

    Game Board (i’m trying to do something for the Background)

    All of those things are made very fast, photoshop is on my PC so…

    The thing for protect the tower ALPHA

    Game Board ALPHA

    Other: comming soon

    1. Hi Sanji-Sam, Thanks you for the gameboard drawing. Can you create a color version of it. I am also searching for terrain images. Forrest, Montain, Road, Bases, and militairy object. Canon, Laser, Tank, etc… Images must be 32×32 pixels. Can you created this. Looking forward to your reaction.

  5. Is this going to be an authentic Warcraft III-type TD, or more like the not-so-good flash versions? Also will you place it around the playing field (like Green TD), or be able to maze (like Wintermaul)?

  6. Hey, not a problem. I would love to help out more. Do you need any more artwork done? I am not the best artist, but I know enough to make things look good. lol.

    1. Hi Shango, The enemy and defense system graphics will i created my self. I still searching for background images. Forrest, Sand, Highway, etc… Can you supply this. The images must be 32×32 pixels.

  7. be sure to eventually add shortcuts for the towers that you can build because in your design, the build section is not effective lol ^^

    1. Hi Koen, Thanks for your comment. The basic idea is that you selected a defence system and within the info panel control (upgrade) it. You will see in the up coming Beta. On this moment i don’t think i need any shotcuts.

  8. I can definitely do those for you. I will have some up tonight. I am also working on a cannon (Started last night) that looks really good (IMO). I can’t wait for the beta!

  9. Be sure to check out Ninjatown for the DS. It’s a fantastic TD style game, that works very, very well. Plus, ninja.

  10. I have more 32×32’s underway and I will upload them soon. Did you get a chance to look at those ones I put up before?

    1. Hi Shango,

      Yes i checkout the images. They are great! I will use then in the game. On this moment i am very busy preparing a business trip to India Chennai. So coming week i will not be able to work on this project. 😥 But i will be back! 😆

  11. Alright. Have fun in India. I will keep working on the 32×32’s until you come back. I have a whole bunch more and I am almost finished all the terrain. I will upload them all when you come back.

  12. I pray to god you aren’t making the graphics for this game. I can help. I’m a hardcore pixel artist, if that is how you want the game to look.

  13. I can also help test from my wii. Suggestion: Towers customizable in terms of range, fire rate, splash, slow, and poison effects. Towers level up after a set amount of successful hits, and earn points to allot into these skill pools.

  14. Something that would be really cool in my opinion is something like “making” your own towers.
    And the more battles you’ve won the more “parts” you can use.

    I dont know if it fits in your idea of how your game has to be, but it would be cool in my opinion.

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