Wii SpaceBubble 0.4

A new version of SpaceBubble is released with the following changes:

26/01/2008 Version 0.4
– Show score of selected bubbles on screen.
– The 40 highest global scores are showed.
– Reposition some buttons.
– Improve bonus schema (level 4 , 5 and 6)
– Added level cleared information screen.
– Increase HTTP receive buffer size to 8196 bytes.
– Build game with libogc 1.7.1 and devkitPPC r16 compiler.

7 thoughts on “Wii SpaceBubble 0.4”

  1. Just before I start to test I can report a bug regarding the scoring. Please check the global high score, there is a guy calling WPA from NL (Rotterdam) claiming to have more than 1000 points more than me. Thats just impossible…

  2. OK, just kidding. Top Score back here. 0.40 seems quite stable. The new screen after a level is finished is OK, you should document how and when you will earn points. Still having issues with recognizing fast double key presses and run out of time again tooo often…

    1. Hi Jan, I will extend the playtime of each level in the next release with 10 seconds. What do you mean with double click problem? wplaat 🙂

  3. double click issue: Maybe it’s just on my side but quite often I’ve problems in clearing selected bubbles if I click them tooo fast.
    play time: What I menat is, that the time indicator is still quite inconspicuous, meaning you will not recognize when the time is running while you look for the optimal selection. What about the whole screen flashing red or a really annoying noise for the last 10 or 20 seconds (depending on level?) or something that you will recognize fpr sure. This is just my humble opinion, please check for yourself…

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